You know what makes our day? The photos people send or post of their sweet babies enjoying Bodacious Biscuit Love! Occasionally we even get a video. We welcome everyone to share their photos on our Facebook page or send us via email.

"Thank You Bodacious Biscuits Love for the surprise fall basket of cookies!! Mommie let me pick my own cookie out of the bag to eat, an extra full size treat today!! I can't thank you enough!! We thank you so much for choosing us! We support your love and efforts til the end! Love, Star"

We had the chance to meet and spread some biscuit love to Jangi and Simba while delivering a Bodacious Raffle Basket for a Tigger House fundraising event.

Need we say more?

We finally got to visit sweet baby Piper for the afternoon! She is amazing and she loves our biscuits.

And when Miss Beckett receives her biscuits, we get this photo accompanied with, "Thank you so much for my delicious bodacious biscuits, my tummy is full of happiness so I'm going to take a nap now, and dream having more bodacious biscuit love when I get up...Love you"

"Hello Lisa, could I please order 2 bags of medium biscuits.. Thank you!!!!!" Yes, we really got this photo on our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page with this message. This is how Miss Beckett orders her biscuits. 

Pearl says, "Thanks for the biscuits! WOOF!"

"Hello Bodacious Biscuit lady! My name is Angelo, and I live next door to Miss Beckett. Could you throw in an extra bag of biscuits for me and put it on Beckett's tab.. greatly appreciated! Thanks again, Love Angelo."

"Hello Lisa, could I please place an order for 2 bags of your delicious BODACIOUS BISCUITS.... Thank You, Love Miss Beckett."

Stephanie's foster boy, Heuther, enjoyed the biscuits and toy from the Bodacious Raffle Basket they won at one of the events we attended in Windsor. That face! Love!

We made a bodacious biscuit run to the Hartford Animal Shelter to deliver a Bodacious Raffle Basket, deliver biscuit love and donate lots of dog and cat food. This pup enjoyed some crunchy love handed out by ACO, Sherry.

One of our fur-nieces, Smudge, is gets a little dramatic when she's out of biscuits...

We ventured on down to the New London pound to deliver biscuit love and donate canned dog food. Lisa snapped this photo of sweet baby Liv and ACO Tonya. Total. Cuteness.

On one of our trips to the Ledyard Pound, we had a lil' help from Miss Alex! She assisted with delivering biscuit love and got a chance to feed some of the pups.

We delivered biscuit love to a couple of sweet pups at the Preston Pound...Brutus and Gingersnap. They gobbled their biscuits with gusto!

These two lil' nuggets of love are enjoying some scrumptious biscuit time!

And what does this silly lil' nugget of sweet love from the New London Pound do for a biscuit? We're lovin' it!

What does Titan do when he knows a Bodacious Box O' Biscuits is on the way? This. Yep. 

Peep, a sweetie from the New London Pound, is seconds away from getting their crunch on!

Miss Beckett waiting patiently for her Mom to take photos so she can eat her Bodacious Birthday Biscuits.

Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Biscuits!!

This lil' nugget of love didn't waste any time. Nom. Nom. Nom. 

There's the tongue...reaching for what awaits. A Bodacious Easter Biscuit!

A compilation of some rather special Bodacious Moments...

We send out Bodacious Boxes O' Biscuits to local shelters every week. The incredible staff at the Wolcott Pound sent us this photo after they received theirs!

We made a delivery to the Preston Pound and had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous pup, Pepe. What a love! He gobbled our biscuits with gusto. 

Smudgie Babes loves her biscuits and we have a pretty good idea what was going through her head at this very moment.

When Lisa gets home from work, it's snack time! Our fur-kids hear the sound of the biscuit jar and...this is the scene!

Animal Control Officer, Judy, and Piper received their Bodacious Package of goodies! Included was a personalized jar filled with biscuits, a bandanna, bags of biscuits for the sweet pound pups and a check to help cover the cost of Piper's surgery and recovery. 

Smudge can be a little...well, dramatic. Oh, that face!

How cute is this! Sweet babies Smudge, Sami and Nikki are all sittin' pretty for their biscuits!

Our fur-niece, Smudge, has her eye on her Bodacious Paw. And that tongue! 

Dexter, from the Seymour CT Animal Shelter, is enjoying some scrumptious Bodacious Easter Biscuits.

Beautiful Lady is getting a Bodacious Bunny Biscuit from her dad!

Nicole ordered some Easter Biscuits for her sweet baby, Kenzi. And, she got to meet our lil' Lobo. 

Burrito, a resident over at the New London Pound, was the winner of our Easter Contest!

Sweet baby Kenzi is ready for a lil' Bodacious Easter biscuit love!

Do we need to say more?

Titan is waiting patiently for his Bodacious Shamrock. 

Simon and Bella had their noses glued to the window...waiting for mail to be delivered. They knew their Bodacious Boxes O' Biscuits were arriving. Shortly after...THIS!

Rain or shine...or, in this case, snow, Rusty still makes his way to our porch for some biscuit love. How can we resist that face!

This adorable lil' nugget of love is enjoying her Valentine's Day biscuit love. We adore this gorgeous face. 

Piper received her Bodacious Box O' Biscuits today. Hugs and love sweet girl. 

As quoted from CT Animal House, "Martin would like to thank the ladies of Bodacious Biscuits for the delicious box of goodies. The pups love them!" Thank you for making our day, Martin!

Sweet baby Draft from Florida wanted to ask, "Can I try some of your biscuits too?" Of course we sent him some! 

Bubba wants to know when our Bodacious Easter biscuits will be available. That face says it all. 

Sweet babies Daisy and Hudson are enjoying a Bodacious Biscuit. Big. Huge. Smile. 

It makes our day when we receive photos like this. Miss Beckett has been crunchin' on our biscuits for over a year now. 

This is what happens when someone receives their Bodacious Box O' Biscuits. The pups come runnin'. 

Hurley was one of the first pups to enjoy the contents of his Bodacious Biscuit Grab Bag. Look at that face!

Sweet baby Bella received her biscuits in the mail today and couldn't wait to get her fix! 

PeeWee is one of the pups at the Villalobos Rescue Center and that's the hand of Earl Moffett spreading some biscuit love!

A huge thank you to Rosie Sheridan for spreading the biscuit love to the sweet pups at the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Maine!

We adore how Rosie Sheridan feeds her pup our biscuits. This is greatness.

Kobe is rockin' the festive holiday hat and it looks like he's already gobbled a biscuit or two. See the crumbs?

Sherry DeGenova, the Hartford Animal Control Officer, was one of the recipients of our '12 Shelters of Christmas.' This photo was taken shortly after the Hartford pound received their biscuit love. 

We always love to see this duo (Maxx & Cheyanne), but today, it was a sad visit. In a couple of days, they're moving to Louisiana. Cheyanne told her daddy that he had to stock up on biscuits before leaving. We will miss them! 

Another sweet baby who stopped by at our table the day of the Whiskers in Wonderland event. That face says, "I really, really want that biscuit."

This lil' nugget of furry love paid us a visit at the Whiskers in Wonderland event. She was more than happy to show off a trick or two for some biscuits.

Phantom has been at a couple of events we've participated in. This is the scene when he spots our table. He thoroughly enjoys being spoiled with crunchy love.

One of the Bodacious Big Boys gobbling up his crunchy love...complete with a lil' white chip swizzle and sprinkles.

The second Bodacious Big Boy, Maximus, posed seconds before enjoying his bisciut. Nom! Nom! Nom!

Lea's fur-grandson, Django, is patiently waiting for his Bodacious Biscuit. 

Chloe and Jack received their Bodacious T-Shirt & Biscuit Bundle and they're waiting for their biscuits. Look at those sweet faces! 

Dozer and Brady are enjoying their crunchy love. Look at that tongue!!

Senior dog, Fox, was found abandoned. He had quite a few health issues when the Ledyard pound took him in. That afternoon, we visited and delivered some biscuit love to this amazing pup.

Sweet Rusty, our upstairs neighbor's pup, loves to visit us. When he smells biscuits, he'll wait at our door. Rusty always gets a few Bodacious Biscuits and in return, we get a few juicy kisses.

We brought our fur-niece, Smudge, a container of our mini biscuits. As soon as we removed the cover...well, let's just say she's addicted!

Our lil' Coco bug enjoys his afternoon snacks...even if it interrupts his nap.

We delivered some biscuit love to Hurley and his mom, Marissa, sent us this photo. Hurley loves to pose with his stash of Bodacious Biscuit Love!

Sadie was the 1st place winner of our Bodacious Costume Contest and she loved her prize package filled with Bodacious Biscuits.

Sweet baby Pinch received her box filled with lots of biscuits, a couple of tees and a sweatshirt. 

The look on Beau's face right before he sinks his teeth into one of our biscuits. Oh, how we love that face!

The look on Sadie's face is priceless! She's enjoying her first Bodacious Biscuit too!

Muppet is enjoying her first Bodacious Biscuit.

Rumor has it that even hamsters like our biscuits!

This was Finn's first time trying our biscuits...and it was love at first crunch.

Sawyer LOVES our swizzled biscuits with sprinkles. A lil' birdie told us those are his favorite!

Denyse sent in this photo of her friend's rescue pup, Louie. It doesn't look like he's letting go of his biscuit any time soon.

These 2 incredible ladies took the trip to Bethlehem to spread some biscuit love for us. We love visiting with Judy however, this time around, we weren't able to make it. Marci and Denyse stepped in and made the delivery for us. It's all about teamwork!

Teresa is a wonderful woman with a heart of gold and she sent us this photo of her 6 pups...Eva, Sina, Bebe, Jessie, Panda and Bella. Do you see what's on the table? 

Sweet baby Jake is enjoying a biscuit during one of our visits to the Preston pound. 

During one of visits to a local shelter, we met this lil' cutie, Isabella. She took a liking to our Cranberry Banana Muffin biscuits.

Scrappy is another smart pup. He couldn't believe his ears when his mom said he was almost out of biscuits. So...he took a selfie and posted on our Bodacious Biscuits Facebook wall too. Love. That. Sweet. Face.

We are truly amazed at how many pups out there know how to leave a message on Facebook and email! Miss Beckett posted a selfie with a caption that let us know she wanted more biscuits. How can you resist this face!

A huge congrats to Rio! He won the Bodacious Raffle basket that we donated to Puppy Pride Day...enjoy your goodies, handsome! Thank you, Barb, for sending us the photo!

Here's the sweet baby that we named our Elsa's Kisses after. Look. At. That. Face. Totally kissable!

Sweet baby Angel from Arizona received her biscuits and there's plenty for her to share with cousin Precious!

On our recent trip to Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes, we got to meet Mae Mae. This sweet pup was rescued back in April and she was in poor shape. But now...she looks amazing. 

This is how we spent part of our Sunday afternoon...surrounded by 5 adorable pitty pups. There were 9 in the litter and the ACO of NECCOG, along with a couple of volunteers, raised these puppies from birth. Two months later, they were all adopted and went to their furever homes the week after this photo was taken...with Bodacious Biscuits and other special goodies of course!

Lu's baby girl, Nyla'rose, was one of our lil' helpers at the Eastford Heritage Day fair. At the end of the day, she was all tuckered out.

Stella finally found a treat that she likes...our sandwich cookies. This was a pretty big deal. Her mom, Olivia, came over to our display table at the Eastford Heritage Day fair all excited. Stella was putting her face in the bag to get a cookie. Big. Huge. Smiles. 

Buddy and Riley were our taste testers for our 3rd sandwich cookies. These sweet babies currently reside at the Ledyard pound and are looking for their furever home. 

Tasha is one of the pups rescued from Michael Vick's property. She has found her furever home with Sami and wanted to let us know the banana bliss biscuits are her favorite.

Pinch celebrated her 2nd birthday and the delivery of biscuits arrived just in time for the party so she could share with her friends.

We got more paws up from Marci's sweet babies...Sheldon, Jamie, Jonsie, Mya and Angelina.

We had a wonderful visit with Lu and her babies...Luckie, Blu, Pnut Butter, Lexi and Nyla'rose. All but one gave a paws up for our 2nd sandwich cookie. Pnut butter doesn't like peanut butter.

Scrappy is one of the pups we chose to be on the taste testing panel for our 2nd sandwich cookies...that we later named 'Scrappy Snacks.'

Say hello to Samson! He's enjoying one of our carob chip banana biscuits. We had the chance to meet this sweet baby at the Ledyard event. What a love!

We had a very special visitor at our table during the Canine Wellness Fair at the Ledyard Fairgrounds. 

These beautiful ladies, Caroline and Judy, showcased our biscuits at the Martha's Voice fundraiser in Oxford, CT. We donated a rockin' raffle basket and 25% of our proceeds that night to the Southbury shelter babies.

Lizzie celebrated her birthday the end of May and was the first pup to enjoy a cupcake from our Bodacious Birthday Package. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Miss Beckett was very happy after taste testing our new sandwich cookie. In fact, we named the first of many sandwich cookies after her!

A huge thank you to the folks at Dizzee's Pastry Shoppe & Cafe for inviting us to set up a display! was a paws up from this crowd too!

And who are these handsome boys? Say hello to Micky, Finn and Zeus. More pups on our taste testing panel. 

Rupert, Brighton, Noah and Calvin were a few of the pups on our test testing panel for one of our new sandwich cookies. They all gave a paws up!

Micky is the perfect pup for a kissing booth. Look at that sweet face!

Remember sweet baby Amos? We personally delivered biscuits to Amos in his furever home. He is doing awesome!

The Bodacious Big Boys received their biscuits. Titan is sportin' his Biscuit Bliss face after gobbling up quite a few.

Thank you, Laura, for creating this adorable collage of your sweet Star enjoying her mini swizzle love biscuits. Too CUTE!

This basket WAS piled high with treats...hmmm. Looks like Kassi and Laney have enjoyed quite a few treats before this photo was taken. Love those sweet faces!

Miss Beckett is one of the pups who ordered a Mother's Day Basket. She's rather tech savvy and knows how to email.

It's snack time for this beautiful girl, Bella!

Megan sent us several photos of her babies...Gus, Charlie, Maggie, Henry and Priscilla. The whole pack got their fill of crunchy love.

Sweet Sawyer didn't waste any time...he's all about the Bodacious Biscuit Love.

Hank's mom told us that he was giving us a wave of thanks for his Bodacious Biscuit Love.

Trista has biscuit love written all over that sweet face!

Murphy is waiting very patiently for his swizzled Bodacious Biscuit. We love the dreamy look in his eyes.

Scrappy won the spotlight one evening when he attempted to "self serve." Lots of giggles when we viewed the photos of his lil' Bodacious Biscuit spree. Go Scrappy!!

We sent some Bodacious Biscuit Love to the wonderful community involved with Puppy Love...A Volunteer Transport For Death Row Dogs. One of the ladies involved posted this photo of her sweet pup enjoying a lil' crunchy goodness.

Maybe...just maybe.

Part see where this is going?

Part 3...epic win!

Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Crunch!

Is that a tongue we see!?!? That's what happens when there's a swizzled biscuit being held up. not disturb. It's crunchy love time!

Sweet Bella posed for a picture before diving into her basket o' goodies.

Recently we shipped some biscuit love to the sweet shelter babies in Hartford and we received this photo of Sprinkles and Bloom gobbling up their snacks.

Meg's sweet baby boy is enjoying some swizzled crunchy love dressed with a few festive sprinkles.

Beautiful Lina licks her lips at the thought of a Bodacious Biscuit...especially one adorned with a lil' swizzle love.

We can always count on Miss Beckett to be our festive mascot for any holiday. 

This is one of the many places we visit to get our dose of fur baby love. We are always amazed at how Laura's pack calmly sits before getting their Bodacious Biscuit Love.

Another sweet baby giving us the "paw lickin' good" approval.

We had a very special visitor. Otis and his mama stopped by to pick up their Bodacious Easter Basket.

Mama "Faith" was a very pregnant pup in this photo and in such great hands. We delivered a Bodacious Easter basket to NECCOG however and Mama got her very own basket. 

One of the many things we enjoy about Bodacious Biscuit Love is visiting the shelters, spending time with the pups and spoiling them with lots of crunchy goodness.

Tony Toes stuck his nose in the bag to take a whiff. It was love at first bite for him. 

Lora's sweet pups enjoyed some Bodacious Easter treats.

Another round of biscuit love for this sweet boy, Amos.

Marci's sweet babies were some of many that received a Bodacious Easter Basket. 

In April, four remarkable women ventured out on a 300 mile day trip stopping at various shelters. They reached out to us asking if they could assist in spreading the biscuit love. Of course we said YES!

This sweet baby, Amos, melted our hearts. You can read more about his story here.

Can you see the longing in Miss Beckett's eyes and face. What a patient girl! 

Handsome T-Bone is demonstrating the proper way to accept a biscuit form a "hooman" and we must say...he gets 5 stars.

These cuties, Layla and Chachi, enjoyed their Bodacious Biscuit Love.

Bodacious Beau is snackin' on his Bodacious Biscuit.

Miss Miah is a mere second away from her crunchy love.

Thank you, Laura, for this awesome pup collage!

It's snack time! Say hello to Annabella, Cocoa and Dakoda. Well behaved pups waiting their turn...

A Bodacious Biscuit Love "before and after" photo. Ana is letting us know she loved her biscuit and probably wants more.

Minion is an absolute sweetheart and it looks like he's enjoying a lil' crunchy love.

Looks like our Swizzled Biscuit Love is a go with this gorgeous girl, Ruby.

Rocky is waiting to sink his teeth into a Banana Bliss biscuit!

Miss Beckett patiently waits for her limited edition St. Patrick's Day biscuit.

After a day of playing in the March snow, Theia is ready for her crunchy love.

Sweet Dex is getting his crunch on!

Beautiful Miss Beckett was our 2014 St. Patrick's Day Mascott. How could you possibly resist that sweet face!

Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom.

Not only is Rigby sportin' his new sweater, but he's also waiting to dig into some crunchy love!

Titan knows what's in the box.

We've nicknamed Titan and Maximus "The Bodacious Big Boys." These handsome boys are big fans of our biscuits.

Sweet Brady is enjoying some crunchy love!

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