Our Bodacious Dog Treat Recipes

Click HERE for our Bodacious Biscuit Love Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe

Click HERE for our Bodacious Banana Crunch Biscuit Dog Treat Recipe

Click HERE for Coco's Cranberry Crunch Biscuit Dog Treat Recipe

Click HERE for our Pumpkin Pie Crunch Dog Treat Recipe

Click HERE for our original Miss Beckett's Bites Dog Treat Recipe

Click HERE for our Sweet Crunchy Love Hearts Dog Treat Recipe

Click HERE for our Carob Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie Dog Treat Recipe

You can decorate any of our homemade dog treat recipes with our drizzle and festive sprinkles. It's super easy! Check it out right HERE.

Your fur-kids can't have real chocolate, but they'll love these Double Carob Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies. HERE is the recipe. 

These Bodacious Carrot Cake Cookie dog treats are made with fresh carrots! They're scrumptious and our fur-kids were head over paws for these. HERE is the recipe. 

Our Bodacious Apple Pie Dog Treats are peanut butter free! Click HERE for the recipe. 

All of our homemade dog treats can be converted to soft baked treats. HERE is how you do that in just 2 easy steps. 

These drool-licious Barkin' Blueberry Crumble Dog Treats are made with lots of dried blueberries and the finished product is soft baked. You'll find the recipe HERE. 

Fresh banana and grated carrots take the spotlight in our Banana Butter Monkey Dog Biscuits. Even our pickiest eater, who doesn't like banana, gobbled these with gusto! HERE is the recipe.

You asked. We listened. This week, we created our first savory homemade dog treat. It was head over paws all the way around for our new Cheesy Sweet Potato Biscuits. HERE'S the recipe. 

These Cranberry Crumble Valentine's Day Sandwich Cookies are peanut butter free and loaded with dried cranberries. HERE'S the recipe. 

When we sampled our Bodacious Turkey Veggie Meatball Dog Treats, we did the happy dance! These meaty balls of goodness were a huge hit with our fur-kids and fur-nieces-and-nephews. The recipe is posted HERE

If you're without a rolling pin or cookie cutters you can still make homemade dog treats. The recipe for these Yummy CranApple Carrot Gems requires no kitchen gadgets and they're loaded with fresh apples, carrots, and dried cranberries. The recipe is HERE.

All of the fur-kids gave these Bodacious Strawberry Banana Dog Treats a paws up! HERE is the recipe. 

These Peanut Butter Banana Cinna Dog Biscuits have very little peanut butter in 'em. There's just enough to taste. The recipe is right HERE

*We are sharing these recipes for personal use only. If you are interested in making homemade dog treat recipes to distribute to the public, please read this before doing so.*

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