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Our mission is to spread the biscuit love to as many shelter, foster & rescue pups as we can. In order to do this, we provide scrumptious, homemade peanut butter dog treats for a suggested donation of $5. It's like an ongoing bake sale...for dogs. Every bag purchased helps us pay it forward to shelter pups in need.

When you made a donation for a bag of biscuits, we use that money to buy ingredients, supplies and to cover shipping costs so we can provide complimentary biscuit love to the sweet shelter, foster & rescue pups in Connecticut. We bake and package up biscuits during the week to ship & deliver. Our list of shelters, foster and rescue homes is expanding and we're loading 'em up with fresh made biscuits weekly and bi-weekly. We're also teaming up with some remarkable people involved in fundraising efforts to raise money for local Connecticut animal shelters.

We've had a lot of people ask us, "What made you decide to do this?" There are a few reasons why however, the biggest inspiration behind Bodacious Biscuit Love stems from something that happened the summer of 2012. We adopted our lil' Coco bug. In a nutshell, he's a very picky eater and won't touch store bought dog food or most treats.

We searched surrounding areas, both local and out of state, for homemade treats and stumbled on a few. Although thrilled with each discovery, we were shocked by most of the prices. A single biscuit ranged anywhere from $1.50 to $3.50. Some biscuits were dipped entirely in royal icing or covered with a colossal amount of sugary frosting. In addition, the biscuits were too thick and much too hard. Due to injuries sustained from abuse prior to being rescued, Coco has a difficult time chewing anything that's rock hard.

Eventually, we took matters into our own hands and began experimenting with dough until we came up with the perfect formula. Our dough is made from 4 simple ingredients...Skippy Natural peanut butter, water, flour and baking powder. That's it. It produced a biscuit that's crunchy and easy to snap in half. Our biscuits are also easier to chew and we offer a huge variety of sizes and shapes.

It didn't stop there. Other contributing factors trickled in sporadically. We've been involved with rescue efforts for many years, spend quite a bit of time at local shelters, and a lot of our friends are animal lovers who dedicate their lives to foster and rescue as well.  With big hearts often times come empty wallets.

Shelter and rescue funds are used for necessaries like shots, vaccinations, flea & tick treatments, spaying & neutering, food, blankets, transport, etc and they work with strict budgets. Shelters and rescue organizations rely on donations and fundraisers to pay for the bare necessities and medical services. There is no extra money for luxury items like fresh baked treats especially at $1.50-$3.50 a biscuit. Those prices cater to a certain crowd leaving a lot of pups left behind. No pup should go without fresh baked goodness.

Often times, the most "bodacious" ideas hit at the most peculiar times. This time around, the pivotal moment hit in the wee hours of the morning while the other was sleeping. It started with something like, "Why don't we..."  And, long story short, we did. We're putting 30 years of baking experience and 2 decades combined of management, marketing and social networking skills to good use for the greater good. We purchased supplies, stocked our baking cupboards, made a few changes to our kitchen and after that...everything sort of fell into place. The response has been nothing short of phenomenal. We're baking our hearts out and bagging up a lot of crunchy biscuit love! 

In addition to spreading the Bodacious Biscuit Love to local shelters and rescue groups, we occasionally launch fundraisers to assist local shelters in need. With the money earned from our fundraisers, we've purchased cat food, dog food, blankets, cleaning supplies, rawhide bones, toys and more for local shelters. And, we've assisted in covering the cost for medical treatment and recovery for sick or injured animals. We also provide Bodacious Raffle Baskets for local animal shelters, rescue groups, and organizations who host an event to raise money for our local animals in need. The money raised from these events goes towards the care of the animals and to help cover medical costs.

From time to time we have shelter staff who reach out to us. They have extra supplies and pet food on their hands. Are we interested? Yes! We make the trip to collect these donations and, in the days to follow, transport to local animal shelters who need these items.  We also assist in emergency rescue transport. It's all about teamwork! 

As mentioned, this is a community effort. To everyone who has spread the word, made a donation, shared our Bodacious Biscuits Facebook page updates and photos, assisted with deliveries, etc...thank you! Every single one of you is an integral part of the end result...spreading the biscuit love and making sure no sweet baby goes without fresh baked biscuits. Let's keep this going!

Our peanut butter biscuits are registered with the Department of Agriculture and in accordance with the General Statutes of Connecticut.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

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