Sunday, January 21, 2018

We're Still Here And Totally Rockin' The Dog Mom World

It's been several months since I've published a column on this blog. We're still here. We're still doing great stuff in the Dog Mom world. Between all of that, work, daily life, work deadlines, getting through the holiday season, our busiest time of year, and everything between, we've been swamped. Without beating around the bush, we've made quite a few changes that went into effect starting on January 1st. We're excited and looking forward to our new adventures, however, one change has tugged at our heartstrings...

Towards the end of last year, we made the decision to not renew our license with the Department of Agriculture. What this means is that we are not able to offer our homemade dog treats to the public or distribute them for fundraisers or donations.

I don't want to sound like a broken record, so please take a few minutes to read 'This Is Only The Beginning Of Great Stuff And New Adventures' on the Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life blog site. Not only will it explain our personal decision to not renew our license, it'll give you insight into the changes we've made, what we'll be focusing on in the weeks, months, and years ahead, and the other great stuff you'll be seeing soon.

On that note, we're not going anywhere. 

Even though we won't be offering our homemade biscuits to the public, we're still creating new, homemade dog treat recipes in our Bodacious Kitchen. We'll be sharing these recipes to encourage dog parents to make their own treats for the furry kids. If you can make a batch of cookies, you can make homemade dog treats.

In addition, we're working on some awesome DIY Dog Mom Projects from doggy decor to custom-made dog apparel. A lot of the items made will be offered to the public, but some will be made to create tutorials for our readers. Our goal is to encourage pet parents to repurpose items into cool pet products like beds, toys, and apparel. A little creativity and inspiration go a long way and by going down the route of DIY, you can save some serious cash.

The woodshop we've been working on in the basement is finally done! Now, the possibilities are endless. 

Another exciting change is that we're shifting everything over to the Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life blog. We also have an Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life Facebook page.

As quoted...

This page and the blog is to share our Dog Mom adventures with you. It's the chronicles of a Work at Home Dog Mom who’s keepin' it real and our life as Dog Moms. The trials and tribulations. Challenges. Helpful stuff. Funny stuff. DIY Dog Mom Projects. Our homemade dog treat recipe creations. The good stuff. The messy. And, everything between.

Please join us for our continued and new adventures! 

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