Sunday, August 20, 2017

Our Bodacious Biscuit Love Weekly Recap For August 14th - August 20th

Biscuit love was baked on Thursday this week. It was hot. Having the oven on 375 during the Summer months is miserable even with 2 air conditioners blasting on high. Next year, we are going to purchase a 3rd air conditioner for the kitchen. We were very close to making that purchase earlier this week, but there are only a few weeks left of the Summer season. We can get by with what we currently have.

While baking biscuits, I kept thinking about that very thought. It's almost September. The Summer season will be coming to a close soon. Thinking and planning for the holiday season is right around the corner.


In addition to offering our holiday shaped dog biscuits, we have plans to have a lot of other stuff available too. DIY Dog Mom projects. Bodacious Patchwork Doggy Quilts. Doggy Toy Boxes. Our 2017 Christmas ornaments. Etc. As of now, we have nothing made.

Insert another Yikes!

So far this year, we've had quite a few changes on the home front. Our family got a little bigger on March 2nd when we adopted Willa. Although she's a handful, she has fit into our family perfectly. On top of that, Lisa got a promotion at work the end of May. Most weeks, she works later than her previous schedule. Instead of getting home around 2:30, there are times when she doesn't get home until 5:30 - 6:00. We've had to make some adjustments to our home schedule because of all-of-the-above.

Our life is always evolving. With evolution, there is change. 

For the first time ever, I'm fully admitting we are SO done with the Summer season. We're not ones to rush seasons, but we are anxious for Fall. I'm waiting for the day when we can bake biscuit love without having to blast both of the air conditioners.

Like so many others here in Connecticut, our electric bill has skyrocketed. 

Sure, the holiday season is beyond crazy busy, but we're looking forward to it. And, we're also excited to be participating in the Whiskers In Wonderland Event in December. I'll be our 4th year attending.

For now, make sure to keep updated with what's happening in Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life.

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