Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week

Over the past almost-4 years, we've had the pleasure and honor of meeting quite a few of our local Animal Control Officers. We can't even begin to tell you the amount of work and dedication these men and women have. Each and every day, they're in the front lines. They rescue animals from horrible situations, put every effort forth in finding lost animals, and everything between.

This week is Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week. I stumbled on this earlier today and wanted to share it...

Animal Control Officers

We walk a different path than most on this journey as an ACO.
Our hearts are as big as the ocean, but only the animals will understand.
We see the tragedies others can't see, we do the things most won't do.
Sitting in court all day waiting on the case we might lose.
Hearing the angry voice of an owner as we ask them to care for their pet.
Patiently waiting in the pouring rain as confidence grows in the scared dog.
Courage through filth and despair as we're greeted by a house full of sick cats.
Watching with hidden tears as the death of an abused animal, helpless to its fate.
Working through the fury of Mother Nature, laughing at the challenge.
Listening as our job is explained by those who've never been in our boots.
We smile knowing it's what we gladly do, making a difference each day.

Rob Leinberger - 2012

Thank you to all of our Animal Control Officers. We admire you. We appreciate you. 

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