Friday, February 24, 2017

The Taste Testers Were Head Over Paws For Our Yummy CranApple Carrot Gems

So far, the inspiration behind our weekly dog treat recipes has revolved around food. The source of our inspiration has come from a variety of avenues including our Bodacious Community, emails, replies to Facebook posts, private messages, conversations, etc. We've had suggestions roll in for meaty dog treats, grain free dog treats, dog treats with more fruits and vegetables, jerky, and more. However, this week's inspiration has nothing to do with food.

Over the past couple of weeks, a few people have asked if our treats could be made without the use of a rolling pin and cookie cutters.

As a 30+ year baking veteran, I've always owned a rolling pin and a multitude of cookie cutters in various shapes and sizes. Up until recently, I just assumed (...a word I don't use often) every kitchen had those handy dandy gadgets.

I was wrong. 

This week, when creating our new dog treat recipe, I took matters a step further. I didn't use a rolling pin or cookie cutters. With the exception of our Bodacious Turkey Veggie Meatball Dog Treats, this was the first time I've ever gone down that route.

The final product came out scrumptious! Our Yummy CranApple Carrot Gems are soft baked and loaded with lots of fresh grated carrots and apples and dried cranberries.

Thank you Linda and Patti for the help with naming our new homemade dog treat recipe.

Here is the recipe.

And by the way, yes. All of our homemade dog treats can be made without a rolling pin and cookie cutters. Simply use the same process of rolling out chunks of dough in your choice of size and pressing flat in the palm of your hand.

Enjoy and happy baking!

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