Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's Frustrating That I Have To Write About This

We've been spreading the biscuit love far and wide for over 3 years now. The list of great stuff that's happened, the experiences, and the opportunities presented to us is too long to mention. We've met hundreds of incredible "hoomans" and pups. Our Bodacious Community continues to grow. We've expanded a bit and now offer handcrafted goods. So. Much. Good. Stuff.

On the flip end of the stick, and like with almost everything in life, there's always the uncomfortable stuff. The growing pains. The trials and tribulations. While we prefer to focus on and post the good stuff, sometimes we need to address something that we'd much rather not.

I remember the first time I did this back in May 2015 when I had to address the "hoomans" 'Who Have Have Stiffed Us Or Are Considering It.'  It doesn't get any easier to write these posts.

To back up a tiny bit, in the past, we've had biscuit displays in about 6 locations. When we accept an invitation to do this, or send an email asking if we can, it's because we adore and trust the business as well as the staff. All the way around, it's been an incredible experience with each location.

Unfortunately, we've pulled from most locations except one because of distance. Due to work schedules, our growing family, and everything between, traveling during the week to restock was impossible. Our furthest location was an hour and a half away! Currently, our only location is about 5 minutes down the road.

We are looking for a few more very local locations.

At all but one of these locations, we've had an ongoing issue with people stealing bags of our biscuits. Each week we leave a certain amount of bags. When we go in to restock, the money in the jar doesn't equal the amount of bags gone from our display. Although it didn't, and doesn't, happen every week, it does happen often enough to cause frustrations.

Let me note, it's not the staff's fault. They're not responsible for our display. They're busy taking care of clients and customers and doing their job. We don't expect them to keep tabs on what's going on with our display.

The fault stems from those who feel it's okay to grab a bag of biscuits without paying for them. Our current biscuit display, and the ones we've had in the past, always includes a jar with free samples. If you'd like to grab a sample, help yourself. The bags of biscuits are not free.

Both Lisa and I work hard. Most of what we do for shelter and rescue pups, and pet parents who have fallen on hard times in our community, is out of pocket. The tiny amount of money we do pull in from our biscuits, and other means of raising money, is used to purchase ingredients, supplies, and to cover shipping costs for the biscuit love and our Bodacious Care Packages. It's not nearly enough to cover what we purchase or what we do.

When people steal bags of biscuits from our display, or fail to follow through with payment for biscuits and other stuff, you're not just stealing from what we do. You're stealing from Lisa and I. Our family. And, that's more money we have to dig out of our pockets.

So, please stop stealing from us. If you order biscuits and we ship them, please follow through with payment. If you come across our display and want a bag of biscuits, please pay for them.

If you're a pet parent who has fallen on hard times, and you need biscuit love or a bag of dog food, please reach out to us. One of the many things that we do is provide biscuit love, dog food, and supplies to pet parents in need. You can send us a private message on our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page or email at bodaciousbiscuitlove@gmail.com.

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