Sunday, January 8, 2017

We're Happy You Love Our Biscuits, Winston!

Back in June, a sweet lady from our Bodacious Community, Claudia, had her 2 fur-babies featured as the Pets Of The Week in the Norwich Bulletin. Accompanying the photo of her pups, Barnaby and Chloe, there was write up about her pups that included a Bodacious Biscuit Love shout out. When Claudia sent us a message and copy of the write up, we were thrilled! It made our day. Today, we received a similar message.

Claudia sent us a photo of the 'Pet Of The Week' write up. She asked if we had a biscuit love display at the Plainfield Vet.

Yes. We. Do. 

We read the write up about Winston and realized why she had asked.  After reading the article we were sportin' big, huge smiles! What a wonderful surprise! Winston's favorite treats are the ones we make and offer at the Plainfield Vet.

We don't know Winston or his Mom, Yvette, personally. However, you can bet we'll be leaving Winston a lil' biscuit love care package later this week when we refresh our display.

On a side note, if anyone personally knows Winston's Mom, please tell her the biscuit ladies say THANK YOU!

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