Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Top 6 Reasons Why It's Always Been Just The Two Of Us

Throughout the week, we get messages and emails from people in our Bodacious Community and beyond. These messages and emails are all over the charts. Photos of pups eating our biscuits. Questions. A note of thanks for sharing recipes. Comments about blog and Facebook posts. An invitation to an upcoming event. The list goes on. Yesterday we received a message that was kind of a first for us.

I was given permission to share...

I hope you Bodacious Biscuit Ladies are doing well and keeping warm! I wanted to reach out for a couple of reasons. 

First, I enjoy reading your blog posts and keeping up with your Facebook page. You do a fine job letting everyone know what's going on and what you're doing and what's coming up. 

The main reason I'm writing is because I'm wondering why you haven't recruited more people to help you out with your mission. If you had more people baking and delivering and being involved with Bodacious Biscuit Love, you could reach further and do more. 

Just imagine how many more shelters you could ship biscuits to and with more people baking biscuits in various locations, you'd have those people who could deliver to the shelters. 

It's just a thought. What you two have been doing for the past few years is incredible. Why not expand on that. Go big!

I sent back a reply thanking her for reaching out, the kind words, and I explained why we've kept things the way they've always been. We corresponded back and forth a few more times.

Her message got me thinking. In the past, people have made nonchalant comments about how we should gather a few volunteers to help out. However, no one has ever reached out and asked us why we haven't done this.

There's a few reasons why...

1. You live. You learn. Since Bodacious Biscuit Love came to life over 3 years ago, we've volunteered for a couple of groups. After a short period of time, we removed ourselves from the volunteer list. When groups and organizations get too big, too fast, there's always problems. Enough said.

2. Too much drama. The bigger the group, the more drama involved. I'm not speaking for all organizations, but from what we've observed, this happens to the majority of them. We hate drama. We have no room in our life for drama.

3. What we do is more of a hobby than anything. We're not a non-profit or business. What we do is a hobby of sorts. We want to keep it that way. Simple.

4. Going big isn't always a good thing. Too often, and yes we've witness this as well, organizations, small groups, and businesses get too big and too busy too fast. When that happens, you tend to lose sight of your mission. The good stuff you used to do. Back in August of 2015, I published a blog post about Flo's cookies. Flo was a friend of mine who baked cookies several times a week and donated them to homeless shelters and soup kitchens. After she gained popularity and the demand increased, she stopped donating her cookies.

Take a few minutes to read that blog post. You'll find it here.

5. Trust. We've earned the trust and respect of a lot of people. That means a lot to us because we know how hard it is to establish both. We also know that in larger groups and organizations, all it takes is one person to ruin that. That's not a chance we're willing to take.

6. Too much time spent managing. When you expand the amount of people operating within your group, organization, or business, that requires more time managing all that's involved. We don't have time for that. We'd rather spend our time baking, delivering, shipping, and doing what we can for our local shelters and pet parents in need. With it just being the two of us and everything happening out of our home, there's no time wasted on managing.

Sure, with more people we could do more, but we're happy with the way things are. And, that's not going to change.

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