Friday, January 20, 2017

It's Going To Be A Crazy, Busy, And Creative Bodacious Weekend

Lobo's 2 Year Gotcha Day is on Monday. When any of our rescue fur-kids celebrate their Gotcha Day, they get to pick the dinner of their choice, dessert, and a gift. This year, Lobo requested a lounge area that's a little secluded. Like a nook or small indoor dog house. Something that would be big enough for his brother and sister to enjoy as well. This was something we could easily make, however, there was only one problem. There is very little floor space left in our Bodacious Home because of furniture, doggy beds, doggy toy boxes, and Olivia's habitat.

However, we were determined to make this.

Instead of making something elaborate that would take up a good amount of floor space, we're going to repurpose what we already have.

That's right. DIY.

We've been gathering supplies all week. When Lisa gets home today, we'll be getting everything moved and set up to complete this project over the weekend.

I'm confident we can get it done by Sunday morning.

That's our goal because we've got biscuit love to bake on Sunday.

I raise my coffee cup to a crazy, busy, and creative Bodacious Weekend!

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