Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We Decided To Surprise Everyone With A DIY Doggy Toy Box Up For Grabs

Back in June, we made 3 DIY toy boxes for our fur-kids. Prior to that, all of their toys were in a basket that sat on the living room floor. Over the past few years, our family has gotten bigger. The basket was great when it was only Coco, but with 2 other fur-kids, it was time to update. In addition, our 3 legged fur-kid, Lobo, wasn't able to grab toys or bones from the basket.

Once the DIY doggy toy boxes were complete, I posted the phones on various social media streams. The response was enormous and lots of "hoomans" asked if we were going to make more toy boxes to sell. At the time, my answer was no.

Today, we decided to surprise everyone. The 7th item up for grabs, during our Bodacious 12 Days of Christmas, was a DIY doggy toy box.

I sanded the box, coated with a high quality, cream colored Glidden paint, but I kept the plaque blank so the buyer could choose the color of the plaque and personalization.

This item sold in under a minute to Nancy! Congratulations to you!

Since posting this item, and announcing that it was sold, several people have reached out asking if we had more for sale. For right now, no, we don't. These toy boxes are a bit time consuming and we simply don't have the time to make more between now and Christmas.


We plan of making more after the holiday season is over with. Depending on how readily available the materials are, we make this a permanent item.

We'll keep ya posted!

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