Monday, December 12, 2016

The Final Item For Our Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas Remains A Mystery

Despite the best of efforts, the item I wanted to offer today for the final day of our Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas isn't complete. Sigh. I tried. Our goal is to post it on Friday, but at this point, that's tentative. Why? We spent over 10 hours baking holiday biscuit love on Saturday and another 10 on Sunday. Today will be the same. When we bake biscuits, it takes up all of our counter and table space.

To back up a bit, we've been expanding our bodacious horizons. This year, we offered handcrafted ornaments and a few handcrafted items for the Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas. In 2017, in addition to our homemade biscuits, we'll be making lots of DIY Dog Mom Projects, creating more homemade dog biscuit recipes, and sewing up patchwork doggy blankets, apparel, bandannas, and more.

It didn't take us long to realize that if we're doing one project, it's very difficult to be working on another. For example, if we're baking biscuits, we can't work on DIY Dog Mom Projects or use the table to cut and sew fabric.

Bottom line is that after the first of the year, we need to designate certain days for biscuit baking, creating new homemade dog treat recipes, sewing, DIY Dog Mom Projects, etc.  And, that's totally manageable. However, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we got caught off guard.

So, we will eventually post our original, grand finale item for the Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas. If by some chance it's not finished up by Friday, we'll post an alternative item.

Stay tuned!

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