Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This Year We Wanted To Do Something Different

The Bodacious 12 Days of Christmas is launching on December 1st. It's our first year doing something like this. We have so much to do. So much to bake. In previous years we've had holiday photo contests and "guess how many biscuits are in the jar" contests. This year, we wanted to do something different. There's a few reasons why.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

We Finally Broke Out The Bodacious Holiday Shapes

We are spending the entire weekend baking and...we broke out the holiday shapes! It's going to be a busy week spreading biscuit love, preparing for the Whiskers in Wonderland event on Sunday, December 4th, and launching our 12 Bodacious Days of Christmas on December 1st...

Thursday, November 24, 2016

We Want To Wish Everyone A Bodacious Happy Thanksgiving

We want to wish everyone a Bodacious Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots. Don't fret about carbs and calories. Drink lots of wine. Flirt with the dessert table more than once. Laugh. Be in the moment. Enjoy time with family and friends. Life. Is. Good. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas Is Going To Happen

The other day we announced the possibility of The Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas. At the time, I wasn't sure if we'd be able to pull it off. Yes, we're expanding. Yes, we're making some changes. However, the full launch of anything beyond biscuits will happen in the first weeks of 2017. Right now, we've been focused on the 2 tables we have at the Whiskers in Wonderland Event (one table for biscuit love and a Bodacious Baked Goods table) on December 4th, Holiday Pet Baskets for pet parents in need, our Bodacious Biscuit Love Bin, and making sure there's plenty of biscuit love to go around for pet parents in need and local animal shelters.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thank You, Laura And Star, For The Awesome Biscuit Cutters

Over the past few years, we've received quite a few donations. Pet food. Treats. Packing supplies. Ingredients. Blankets. Towels. Baskets. The list goes on and on and on. We are beyond grateful for each and every donation. They've bulked up on what we've been able to donate to our local animal shelters in need and helped to eliminate some of the out of pockets costs on what we spend per week on ingredients, supplies, and shipping.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dave And Dora's Story Caught My Attention Today

I always feel like a broken record when I say, "It's been a crazy, busy week." The majority of our weeks are very busy. Sometimes, it gets crazy, busy. It doesn't matter how well I plan for the week, things come up. It's a given. Since launching Bodacious Biscuit Love over 3 years ago, I expect the upcoming week to not go as planned. This week has been no exception.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

We've Got A Few Bodacious Holiday Ornaments Up For Grabs

All of our Bodacious Holiday Ornament orders have been personalized and packaged. Most have been shipped and delivered. This is what we have left. There's 1 dark green, 1 pink, 1 barn red, 1 dark brown, 1 blue, 4 light brown, and 5 light green. They're $5 each + shipping. If interested, leave a reply, send a message on our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page or send us an email. I can get 'em personalized and shipped out this coming week.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Most Of The Bodacious Holiday Ornaments Have Left The House

The first batch of ornaments were shipped on Tuesday. Yesterday we shipped the second batch. Today, we're shipping more and we made a couple of deliveries. Next week, the rest of the pick up and deliveries will be made!

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas

One of the many things we're working on is The Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas. The inspiration behind this has been brewing for many months. During this time, we've made some DIY Dog Mom Projects, Bodacious Raffle Baskets, and various other dog themed packages. A lot of people have asked, "Are those for sale?" At the time, the answer was no. However, this year, we're trying something new.

Friday, November 4, 2016

We Are Looking Forward To Restocking Our Bodacious Biscuit Love Bin

Things have been beyond crazy, busy here in our Bodacious household. Personalizing our Bodacious Country Crackle Holiday Ornaments. Packaging. Getting ready to ship and deliver. Baking biscuits. Keeping up with both blogs. Work. Finalizing some fun bodacious holiday stuff. The list goes on. And on. And on. I've had quite a few dork moments. One of 'em was forgetting to take a photo of our partially filled Bodacious Biscuit Love Bin. We had cans of food, a few bags of dog food, and biscuit love.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Little Crackle Was Gorgeous. Too Much Crackle Was Not.

In the past, people have cracked friendly jokes about my persnickety nature when it comes to creating something new. For example, when I create a new homemade dog treat recipe, I'll try several variations. More of this. Less of that. I examine the finished product carefully before determining, "This is the one!" I do this when I experiment with "hooman" baked goods as well. And, just recently, I did the same thing with our Bodacious Country Crackle Holiday Ornaments. Prior to making these available to the public, I experimented with adding a few swipes of glaze. I'm glad I did.