Sunday, October 9, 2016

We're No Longer Shipping Biscuits Outside Of Connecticut. Here's Why.

Throughout the summer months, we made some changes to Bodacious Biscuit Love. You can catch up on all of that here.  One of the changes is that we are no longer shipping outside of Connecticut. I'm mentioning this because at least a dozen people have reached out to ask why. When I wrote the original post, I never explained why.

Total. Dork. Moment.

For almost 3 years, up until August 1st of this year, we've sent boxes of biscuit love all over. From Maine to California and lots of places between. We wanted to give people the opportunity to provide fresh, homemade biscuits for their pups. That included keeping the shipping costs reasonable.

The majority of boxes o' biscuit love we shipped, the charge was $5 for a small box and $7 for a large. Once in a while, we'd have a special order that required a much larger box and we'd charge a few dollars more for shipping.

If you've received a box of biscuits in the past, you probably noticed the shipping was more than the $5 or $7 we charged. We paid the difference out of our own pockets.

When shipping to pet parents in Connecticut, the difference between what we charged for shipping and what we paid was minimal. However, things started getting very expensive when shipping out of state. This became more apparent when the postal service increased their rates back in January.

I lost count how many times we charged the $5 or $7 and the actual cost to ship the box was well over $10. That adds up.

Bottom line, it's very expensive to ship biscuits beyond the borders of Connecticut especially Priority shipping. Some have suggested using a cheaper shipping method, but that's not something we want to do.

By shipping Priority, most boxes are delivered within 1-2 days and we get a tracking number.

Another reason for our decision is the weather. Our regular biscuits ship well regardless of the temperature, but the swizzled biscuits don't. Throughout the year, especially during the holiday season, we like to offer our swizzled biscuits. The drizzle of swizzle is made with white chips. We can only ship these during the cool and cold weather months.

When pet parents, who live in warm weather states, order holiday biscuits and bundles, I'm not able to put the swizzle on. The holiday biscuits are "naked." Even though I make that quite clear during the initial conversation, we've had issues in the past.

The last reason is we've been stiffed too many times. Yes, we're an easy target. We're not a business. The little money we do make is used to purchase ingredients and supplies so we can spread the biscuit love. We rely on people's good faith to follow through with payment.

Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen and when that's the case, it's always someone from out of state. They order a lot of biscuits. Shipping is astronomical. They don't follow through with payment. That comes out of our pockets.

After much discussion, and the whole "you live, you learn" mantra, we decided that we'd no longer be shipping outside of Connecticut effective August 1, 2016.

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