Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's All Coming Together With The Help From Our Bodacious Community

The other day, we published a post to update everyone on the status of offering biscuit love, and eventually pet food, to needy families in our area. Despite a few concerns, we decided to go forth with this. We wanted to have these items available at our home for pickup once or twice a week. It would be similar to a food table. In addition, we'd like to set an afternoon or two aside to make biscuit love and pet food deliveries in our area. While those details aren't etched in granite yet, the ball is rolling.

Our goal is to launch these offerings the beginning of October. 

One of the biggest challenges was finding a bin or large wood box for us to use here at the house. We wanted it to be big enough to hold small bags and cans of pet food and lots of biscuit love. And, if available, other pet supplies like toys and blankets and beds. The bin or wood box needed a cover so anything inside would be protected from the elements for the duration of the day/s when we put it on the porch.

We wanted to utilize what we already have as we run out of pocket. I put my creative cap on and thought long and hard about what we could use.

The answer was in our biscuit room. A couple of years ago, our neighbor friend gave us a gorgeous wood chest. I put it in the biscuit room for decoration and to use the storage part for seasonal biscuit love stuff. The top of the chest is used to stack the baskets people have donated.

Okay. We had the trunk. Now we needed a sign. How great would it be to have a wood sign in the shape of a dog bone to put on the back top edge of the trunk. I put a "can you help us" post on our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page and my personal Facebook page. Was there anyone out there who could make this for us and donate or sell for really cheap?

Yesterday, a generous and beautiful lady from our Bodacious Community, Lea K. from N.H., purchased a wood dog bone from WoodCrafter and donated it to us. We are beyond grateful.

In addition, the day before, I reached out to a talented woman from our Bodacious Community who makes incredible decals. Last October, she made our current decal. She'll also be making the Bodacious Biscuit Love decal for our vehicle sometime in the near future. 

It's all coming together. As with anything and everything we've done since day one of launching Bodacious Biscuit Love almost 3 years ago, NONE of it would be possible without our Bodacious Community. We are very grateful for the support and assistance from each and every one of you.

This weekend, we'll be working on refinishing the wood trunk that will eventually be the Bodacious Biscuit Love Bin. Once we receive our wood bone, I can make the sign.

We'll keep you posted every step of the way!

Stay tuned....

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