Sunday, September 4, 2016

In Addition To Baking Biscuits This Weekend, We Made A DIY Doggy Bed

In addition to baking lots of biscuit love over the weekend, we also made this DIY doggy bed. Although we designed the bed so it was big enough for all of our fur-kids to use, Lobo was the inspiration behind this DIY Dog Mom project. As most of you know, Lobo was rescued from a horrific situation. The day after his rescue, his hind leg was removed. In addition, at some point prior to rescue, he sustained an injury to his remaining hind leg that went untreated. His mobility in that hind leg isn't that great. Lobo isn't able to jump on furniture or go up and down stairs.

Even though we lift him onto the furniture, including our bed, at least 2 dozen times a day, it's not the same as him being able to do that on his own. We wanted to do something about that.

Back in July, I envisioned a mini platform "hooman" bed that I eventually sketched out on paper. The challenge was the height couldn't exceed 6 inches...and that included the mattress.

I'm always up for a good challenge.

We purchased the supplies at Home Depot. A week later, I accepted a month-long freelance project so the supplies sat in the biscuit room untouched. We got busy with a few other things. Every time I looked in the biscuit room, I saw the supplies.

I. Need. To. Get. This. Made.

This weekend was the perfect opportunity.

On Friday, we tackled this DIY Dog Mom project with gusto. It took two days to finish, but this afternoon, around dinnertime, it was DONE!

Lobo absolutely loves the bed and he's able to get up and down effortlessly. The bed is exactly 6 inches in height. Both of our other fur-kids tested out the bed and they approved too!

Mission accomplished!

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