Sunday, August 28, 2016

Your Homemade Dog Treats Look Amazing, Jen!

Towards the end of May, we made the decision to share our Bodacious Biscuit Love Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe. This recipe is the one we make weekly, offer to the public, and donate to our local animal shelters and families in need. Although we tossed the idea around about sharing, we decided, "Yes! We're going to share the recipe." We wanted to provide people with a means to make their pups homemade dog treats that were simple and inexpensive. So far, the response has been overwhelming. People have come forth to thank us and to extend kind words about our our decision to share the recipe.

Just recently, a wonderful woman from our Bodacious Community, Jen W., reached out asking if we could provide biscuits by a certain date. It was short notice. Between baking the biscuits, letting them sit for at least 24 hours to harden, and ship time, we couldn't meet the deadline. We sent her the link to our recipe and, by request, how to make the drizzle.

Later that evening, she sent us photos! We sported a smile from ear to ear. Her homemade dog biscuits look ah-may-zing!

Thank you Jen for sharing the photos!

If you've made any of our homemade dog treat recipes, we'd love to see and share the photos!

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