Thursday, August 4, 2016

You Can Share These Double Peanut Butter Cookies With Your Pup

When we hosted our Bodacious Yard & Bake Sales, and occasionally at events, we had "hooman" cookies available. We offered a variety of flavors including chocolate chip, lemon cheesecake, and chunky monkey. Out of all the flavors we offered, two flavors remained the most popular. We always sold out of those bags o' cookies.

The first were the Cranberry White Chip cookies. The second were our Double Peanut Butter cookies. What's great about these 2 flavors aside from the fact they're delicious? They're also pup friendly. That's right. Both of these flavors are pup and "hooman" friendly.

I posted the recipe for both flavors. You can find the Cranberry White Chip cookie recipe here. If you'd like to make the Double Peanut Butter cookies, you'll find the recipe here.

Don't forget to check out more Human & Pup Friendly Recipes and Our Dog Treat Recipes. We'll be adding more soon!

Happy baking!

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