Tuesday, August 23, 2016

As Pet Parents We Want To Spoil Our Fur-Kids, But...

During the early summer months, while out running a few errands, we stopped at a small event we spotted. It was a mix of flea market items, craft vendors, food vendors, etc. One of the vendors was selling gourmet dog treats and other pet stuff. I was curious. We stopped. Looked. The gourmet dog treats were somewhat fancy. Heavily decorated with hard colored icing and sprinkles and other detailing. Various flavors and shapes. What caught my attention the most was the price. One cookie was $3.50.


We left empty handed. Although we love to spoil our 3 rescue fur-kids, we weren't going to pay over $10 for 3 treats that were no bigger than the paw print cookie cutter we have. In addition, Coco doesn't like hard icing. Sophie and Lobo both have missing teeth and the treats would have been too hard for them.

Visiting this booth wasn't a total loss. It inspired me. That didn't mean I was going to rush home and spend the afternoon making elaborately decorated dog biscuits. Two days prior I had made a single batch of Miss Beckett's Bites Sandwich Cookies. Our fur-kids think those are the greatest things in the world. What the experience inspired me to do was think.

Really, really, think. 

At the time, we were amid our Bodacious Biscuit Love Evolution. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read about that here, here, and here. We've been making some changes and shifting our focus a bit. Back to basics. We wanted to get back to our original roots of, "no pup should go without fresh made biscuits."

During my thought process, that came up. No. Pup. Should. Go. Without. Fresh. Made. Biscuits. Not everyone can afford to spend $3.50 on a single biscuit. It's not just the biscuits we stumbled on at the event. There are dozens of gourmet dog treat bakeries out there offering gorgeous treats. Some are hand dipped in carob. Others are intricately decorated. Total eye candy for the humans. We marvel at the delicious beauty. However, it all comes with a hefty price tag.

Again, not everyone can afford that. 

One of our big upcoming changes is we're going to focus on creating homemade dog treat recipes and sharing these recipes with everyone. The recipes will be versatile. Serve the biscuits, or give as gifts, as is or decorate with several varieties of drizzle, sprinkles, and colored sugars. Regardless of your finished product, the cost to make a single batch will be inexpensive. We've already started adding to this list on the Bodacious Dog Treat Recipes page.

For about $3.50 you can make an entire batch of homemade dog treats. 

We're also going to apply that same concept to DIY projects. As with pricey gourmet dog treats, not everyone can afford to spend $20 on a dog blanket or $40 on a doggy toy box. The pet market is booming with all types of offerings, but again, there's often a big price tag attached.

A couple of months ago, we custom made 3 doggy toy boxes for under $20. We wanted one for each of our fur-kids. It involved a little research, hitting up some sales, using a couple of coupons, and taking the time to make them. However, it was worth it. For less than what we would have spent on ONE toy box, we made 3.

As pet parents, we all want to spoil our fur-babies, but it's not always in the budget. We want to change that and provide people with simple and inexpensive ways to spoil their pets with gorgeous blankets, toys, gourmet treats, etc. We also want to include cool gift ideas for holidays, birthdays, and Gotcha Days.

We're excited about this. 

With the holidays quickly approaching, we've already gotten started.

Stay tuned...

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