Monday, July 25, 2016

Part One Of The Bodacious Biscuit Love Evolution - The Good Stuff

A few days ago, I wrote a post about our decision to make more changes. You can read about that here. After almost 3 years since the launch of Bodacious Biscuit Love, we decided that it's time to make some changes and to shift our focus. Although we've made some changes along the way, it's time to make a serious overhaul. Change is good. This is good. Evolution is great.

As quoted in the last post...

Even though all of the above is good and necessary for growth, strength and focus, at times, what inspires change can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, it teeters on being exceptionally frustrating, stressful and maddening. On the flip side, the inspiration stems from great stuff too. However, regardless of the source and the level of comfort, or lack of, evolution is inevitable an necessary. It happens every single day in our every day life whether it's technology or science or medical and everything between.

This is why I'm breaking up our Bodacious Biscuit Love Evolution into 2 parts. There's the great stuff and the uncomfortable, not so great stuff.

Right now, I want to focus on the great stuff because, when I look at the past 3 years of Bodacious Biscuit Love, that's what stands out. A world of goodness.

Some of that includes...

1. Our Bodacious Community. Bodacious Biscuit Love has never just been about Lisa and I. It's about all of us. Our motto is that great things are done by a serious of small things brought together. From those who have donated money towards bags of biscuits to the ones who have shared our posts, and everything between, it has all made a difference. We are beyond grateful. We wouldn't have gotten this far without you. Our Bodacious Community rocks the house and together, we've done a lot of great stuff. And, we'll continue to do a lot of great stuff.

2. The connections we've made. This includes our Bodacious Community, Animal Control Officers, shelter staff and volunteers, animal rescue organizations, etc. We've met, talked to, and established friendship with a lot of incredible "hoomans." It's been amazing and we're looking forward to making more connections in the future.

3. Our fur-kids. We have 3 fur-kids and 2 of those lil' nuggets of love are from shelters that we've spent a lot of time at. I can't even begin to express our gratitude. Our fur-kids are our world and our life revolves around them. We love 'em to the moon and back.

4. The experience. Whether it's been the time we've spent at shelters with the animals, fostering for a few shelters, or learning along the way from the professionals, it's been quite the learning experience. We've gotten insight from behind the curtain and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. In the months and years ahead, we'll get to learn and experience more. We think that's really cool and we appreciate the time people take to educate us.

5. Trust. Over the past few years, we've been trusted to foster animals, assist in emergency transports, find homes for special pups, etc. Each and every time someone reaches out to us asking if we can assist, that means the world to us.

6. The animals. We're spread biscuit love to hundreds of pups and, most of the time, we're able to spend time with them. This is one of my favorite things about Bodacious Biscuit Love...being able to spend time with the shelter and rescue pups. The wagging tails, juicy kisses, biscuit slobbers, and pup love make it all worth it.

7. Fundraisers and Events. Over the past almost 3 years, along with our Bodacious Community, we've done quite a few fundraisers to assist our local animal shelters and organizations. We've purchased food and supplies for local animal shelters, raised money to purchase sturdy toys for the pound pups, donated money towards medical expenses and funds, donated Bodacious Raffle Baskets to help raise money for various things, etc. Being a part of any fundraising process is awesome.

8. There is a general interest in homemade dog treat recipes. When we shared the recipe for our Bodacious Biscuit Love Peanut Butter Dog Treats, and our recipes for flavors we had in the past, the response was overwhelming. People reached out and thanked us, left us messages, and, to date, it's one of our most top viewed post. The replies that got to us the most were the ones expressing gratitude because now they were able to make the biscuits their pups favored the most. This was often accompanied with, "We're not always able to afford to buy your biscuits so we stretch the bag as long as we can." That got us thinking. A lot.

9. There's stuff we don't mention on our Facebook page. A lot of stuff. Whether it's running to the store to buy dog food and bagging biscuits for someone who's financially strapped for a couple of weeks, pup sitting for neighborhood friends, donating extra supplies we have on hand, or providing biscuit love to people who are struggling a bit, it happens every week. It's part of what we do. We don't broadcast who, what, where, and when. We just do it. That got us thinking too.

10. Beyond the biscuits. In addition to biscuit love, we're doing a bunch of other great stuff too. We're creating and sharing our very own biscuit recipes, there's a recipe page on our new blog site 'Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life' for baked goods that are both "hooman" and pup friendly, we're making some cool DIY Dog Mom Projects, and more! One of the inspirations behind all of that is to create and share easy and inexpensive recipes and projects that you can make for your pup. We've taken our biscuit "it doesn't have to be fancy" philosophy and applied it to all of the above. Eventually, we're going to expand on those ideas. There are still Bodacious Blankets and Bandannas to be sewn and new recipes are being created.

As mentioned, this is only some of the goodness. There has been so much of it. We have met so many great people who put their heart and soul into rescuing animals. On numerous occasions, we've had the honor of meeting some of the pups the day after their rescue. The stories have broken our hearts and we've shed a lot of tears, but the overall experience is beyond anything I could put into words.

The past almost-3 years has been phenomenal and, because of this, we're moving forth. Making changes. Face forward. Onward march.

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