Friday, July 1, 2016

5 Reasons Why We Love And Prefer DIY

In the past couple of weeks, we've made a couple of DIY Dog Mom Projects. The first were 3 DIY Doggy Toy Boxes for our fur-kids and last week, to celebrate Sophie's Gotcha Day, I made a DIY Pup Party Hat.  Both projects were inexpensive and easy to make. Our next project is going to be a DIY mini version of a "hooman" platform bed. This project will take a few days to make, but we're super excited.

Since launching Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life, my brain has been turning like a hamster wheel. It's been all about getting creative and embracing the world of DIY. Lisa and I both love to make things and there's so much stuff we want to make for our fur-kids. From decorative signs and ornaments to quilted blankets and an indoor mini house.

We simply love DIY and while it does require time and effort, there's a few benefits to making stuff yourself.

1. It's less expensive than purchasing store-bought. There's a meme I come across every now and than crackin' fun at the crafty folks. It states, "Why buy something for $5 when I can make it for $90." Or, something like that. Yes, it's funny, but it's not entirely true. The total cost for supplies to make 3 DIY Doggy Toy Boxes was under $30. Had we purchased them, it would have cost us between $75-$300 plus shipping. The Gotcha Day Party Hat cost right around 50 cents to make. For our mini version of a "hooman" platform bed, we spent $28 and some change. We shop the sales. We shop clearance. And, we use coupons.

2. The quality is much better. A lot of store-bought stuff is made cheap. It breaks or rips easily. A few years ago I remember spending $40 on a doggy bed for Coco. Within a week it was coming apart. They just don't make things like they used to. DIY allows us to make and build better quality items that are sturdy and will last throughout the years.

3. It's all customized. When shopping for doggy beds, blankets, toys, apparel, etc., you have to choose from what's available. When you DIY, it's totally customized. You can pick the fabric, materials, color, bling, etc. The possibilities are endless.

4. You learn stuff. There's a world of written instructions and video tutorials out there if you're not sure how to do something. Your DIY creations don't have to be limited to what you already know how to do. Expand your horizons. The more you make, the more you'll learn.

5. Pride. I love it when someone says, "I love those toy boxes. Where did you buy them?" That's when I say, "We made them." The same holds true for any DIY project. There's a great deal of pride in those 3 words. We. Made. It.

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