Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We Don't Ask. We Just Do It.

About a month ago, we made the announcement that we'd be sharing our peanut butter dog treat recipe. The response to that has been incredible. A lot of people sent messages and replies thanking us for making that decision. On the flip side, a few have reached out and asked why we would do such a thing.

One of the messages included this...

"Isn't that like a bakery sharing their recipes with the public? If they did that, people would be making stuff at home and the bakery would lose business. There's a reason why bakeries and restaurants don't share recipes. Keep your recipes private. Write a dog biscuit recipe book. Sell your other flavors. Make some money."

In all fairness, I understand what they're saying and appreciate their business minded approach. I get it. I've been in the world of marketing for almost a decade. However, we're not a business, we don't profit from this and we don't have any plans on adding more flavors.

Embracing that philosophy would go against our mission and all that we stand for. We spread biscuit love to our local shelter and rescue pups. On occasion, we also use our biscuits to raise money so we can purchase much needed supplies for our local animal shelters or to assist with medical care.

That's not all we do.

Most weeks, we donate "just because" bags o' biscuits to people we know who have fallen on hard times. Some have purchased biscuits from us in the past. Some haven't. Some people we know very well. Some we barely know.

Whatever the case may be, people stumble on rough financial paths every once in a while. It's fair to say we probably all have. Most times, through the grapevine, we find out. We bake extra biscuits every week for this purpose. When we know of someone who is struggling, we extend the biscuit love.

We don't ask. We just do it.

This was one of the inspirations behind sharing our Bodacious dog treat recipes. It's another avenue for people to have fresh, homemade dog treats for their fur-kids. The ingredients for our plain peanut butter biscuits, most people have on hand. A single batch makes quite a bit.

We hope that by sharing our recipes, people will be inspired to make their own homemade dog treats...or at least try. Buying homemade dog treats, especially if you have multiple pups, can get expensive. Making your own is inexpensive, relatively easy, you control the ingredients and, with most of our recipes, you can freeze them.

Happy Baking!

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