Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our Fur-Kids Snack On Fresh Produce Too

People are always asking if we give our fur-kids biscuit love for snack. Of course we do! Our fur-kids love the homemade biscuits we make and they enjoy the variations of flavors. However, they snack on fresh fruits and vegetables too. During the summer months, they love watermelon, strawberries, and other safe-for-pups berries and melons. They're all addicted to raw carrots. We always make a diced salad to mix in with their dinner.

If your pup isn't too keen on eating plain fruit, try mixing it in with their food, serving it up frozen or mixing fresh fruit and other goodies in a bowl of water and freezing for a giant pup-cicle. Fresh produce provides lots of nutrients and keeps the hydrated when it's hot outside.

As always, make sure what you're serving is safe first. You can search online for quick references and creative ways to serve up those fruits and veggies!

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