Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our Bodacious Event Calendar So Far This Year Is...Blank

It's almost the end of June and guess what? We have no events booked. Not one. Earlier this year, we received numerous emails extending invites. However, all but one required event fees. We're not a business. We're not a non-profit so we didn't fall into the category of "non-profits are excluded from paying event fees." One event suggested, in place of paying an event fee, that we hand over a percentage of our "sales."

A couple of the events landed on weekends we weren't available. 

So, here we are, the middle of June, and we have nothing booked. The past 2 years, our calendar was filled by now. In fact, last year, there was a weekend we had 2 events.

At first, I thought, "What is wrong?" Earlier this year, we had to put some limits on event participation. With 3 fur-kids, none of which we take to events any longer, being away from home for hours at a time isn't an option. Then, there's the weather. If there are any threats of storms, one of us has to stay home.

Our kids are terrified of storms.

And the biggest changes for the 2016 season is that we made the decision to not participate in events that required fees. We are more than willing to donate a generous raffle basket and donate biscuits. However, forking over $25 to over $100 was not something we wanted to do this year. Any fees we've paid in the past has come out of our pocket. We'd much rather use that money to purchase ingredients and supplies to spread biscuit love.

After all, $25 can buy a lot of peanut butter, flour and baking powder.

After taking all of this into consideration and glancing at our blank calendar, I was a little frustrated, but that didn't last long. Why? You can read about that here.

In short, preparing for events takes a lot of time. If we have an event scheduled on the weekend, it takes at least 3 days to prepare for that. Add in the amount of time to set up, travel, the time frame of the event, take down and commute home, that's a lot of hours.

In the past 2 years, with events scheduled almost every weekend, it's been beyond chaotic. The hours spent getting ready for events has, in one way or the other, taken away from our mission and what we love doing the most...spreading the biscuit love to rescue and shelter pups and families who have fallen on hard times.

It has also made the past 2 summers go by really, really fast and left little time to do other stuff. 

As I thought about things being really slow this summer, and taking everything into consideration, I realized this isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's probably a blessing in disguise.

There is so much we want to do to expand our mission and spread more biscuit love. With not having events to prepare for every weekend, there is more time to bake biscuits, more time to sew Bodacious Blanket Love, visit more animal shelters, create more dog treat recipes to share with everyone, tackle some doggy themed DIY projects, and everything between.

We're kind of excited about that.

The universe works in mysterious ways. Often times, when we're in the mode of go, go, go and do, do, do, we don't think of what we're missing. What we're not doing more of that we should be. Or, sometimes, we skip down a path that's not meant to be.

With any mission and adventure and journey, things are constantly evolving. We've had a blast the past 2 summers participating in events, meeting new people and making connections, but maybe this summer we're meant to focus on other things. More biscuits. More blankets. More recipes. More DIY dog mom stuff. Spreading more biscuit love.

That's okay.

We're heading into our 3rd year of Bodacious Biscuit Love. It's been quite the journey and learning experience. We have evolved. Our mission has become inevitably clear over that time frame. We love doing what we do and will continue forth. Face forward. Onward march.

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