Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Not All Pups Like Peanut Butter

A couple of years ago, we visited a wonderful lady to deliver biscuit love. She was involved in rescue efforts and had 5 pups of her own. One of the pups was named Peanut Butter. Ironically, Peanut Butter did not like peanut butter. At the time, we offered other flavors including our sandwich cookies, but none of them were peanut butter free. Although we brought a variety of biscuit love that day, Peanut Butter wasn't interested.

That was one of our inspirations behind making a dog treat recipe that didn't include peanut butter. About a month later, our Pumpkin Pie Crunch dog treats made an appearance. Although we don't offer these to the public, it's a flavor I still make for our fur-kids.

For right now, this is the only peanut butter free dog treat recipe that I have created. In the weeks and months ahead, I'll be in the kitchen coming up with more homemade dog treat recipes and will include a variety without peanut butter.

If you'd like the recipe for our Pumpkin Pie Crunch Dog Treats, you can find it here.

Stay tuned and make sure to check out our Bodacious Biscuit Love and our Bodacious Dog Mom Life Facebook pages for the latest recipes!

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