Friday, June 3, 2016

If You Wait For The Perfect Conditions...

One of my favorite quotes is, "If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done." For me, that quote is a frequent reminder and one that played a huge role in officially launching Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life today. For months, I've been adding content, gathering our old dog biscuit recipes, creating new dog biscuit recipes, I created the Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life Facebook page, and everything between. I wanted everything to be done and as close to perfect as possible.

I don't believe in perfection. So, close to or, at the very least, really great, was what I was aiming for.

This afternoon, a switch flipped in my brain. I had spent the last 2 days working diligently on the new blog site. I've been running on about 3 hours of sleep a day, if that. I was exhausted. There came a point when I sat back in my office chair and reflected on that quote.

How often do we wait for the perfect time to do something, right?

That's what I had been doing. Waiting for that perfect moment.

I know better than to do that.

Most everything I've set out to do and accomplish in my life, the moment has been less than ideal. But, you know what? It's always worked out.

"Sometimes you have to jump first and build your wings on the way down..."

Another favorite quote of mine.

After a deep inhale and long exhale, I launched. Just. Like. That.

It feels incredible.

I still have to complete the content for a few tabs and add recipes, but that's okay.

We're excited!

The response has been wonderful so far.

And, because it went live today, that fuels my motivation to finish up what needs to be done.

This. Feels. Good.

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