Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy 2 Year Gotcha Day To This Lil' Nugget O' Love

Today we celebrated our lil' Sophie's 2 Year Gotcha Day! We make a big deal out of Gotcha Days in our Bodacious Home! For dinner, Sophie wanted grilled cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, homemade blueberry cupcakes with fresh butter cream frosting and, at the last minute, she requested white chocolate covered strawberries. And, on top of the hustle and bustle to meet her demands, I whipped up an adorable Gotcha Day party hat.

Sophie shared her cupcakes and strawberries with some very special people in her life. We delivered cupcakes to her Auntie Charlene, Auntie June, Auntie Kim, Auntie Brenda, Uncle Bob, Uncle rob, Mama Mabel, cousin Ryan, cousin Alex, Miss Ellie, Miss Beckett, Dusty, Lucy, and Cheyanne.

Throughout the day, we enjoyed lots of playtime, enjoyed delicious food, I took a few photos of Sophie in her hat and we all ended the day with a decadent cupcake and strawberries.

Happy 2 Year Gotcha Day, Sophie!

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