Friday, May 27, 2016

The Month Of May Isn't Over Yet...

This is probably the longest span between blog posts, however, this week has been extremely busy wrapping up the Catch-Up-Month-of-May. We've accomplished quite a bit and the to-do lists are just about complete! A huge high-five all the way around.

To catch you up a bit, last month, I was feeling very overwhelmed. Too many unfinished projects and not enough hours in the day. Long story short, I made the decision to dedicate the entire month of May to catching up on projects in addition to baking biscuits and spreading the biscuit love.

Huge success! 

What are some of the highlights?

1. The biscuit room was organized and we gave it a bit of a makeover. Now, everything has a home.

2. We organized the fabric squares that had been cut out over the winter, matched it up with solid fabric and purchased more fabric. Now, I just have to rev up the sewing machine.

3. I worked on at least a half dozen new homemade dog treat recipes, took photos of the various steps and gathered photos from older recipes. Once I upload the photos and edit, I'll be ready to get rid of our old 'Dog Treat Recipes" tab and add our new one.

4. The new dog mom blog site is almost done!

5. We threw some ideas on the table about revamping one of our displays. And, we have a few solid leads on a couple of more local displays.

6. Spring cleaning was finished, a few small projects around the house were tackled, our porch of produce came to life, outdoor work was done and air conditioners installed. While those aren't directly related to biscuit love stuff, those tasks were on the to-do lists.

There's other minor stuff that got done too.

We're feeling super accomplished. I'm no longer feeling overwhelmed.

The weather is gorgeous!

And, it's the start of Memorial Day Weekend.

We're going to keep busy. May isn't over yet.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day. During your festivities, please don't forget to give thanks to the men and women who made great sacrifices for our country. We salute you!

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