Sunday, May 1, 2016

Let The Crazy Month Of May Begin!

Last week, I posted an article about feeling a little bit overwhelmed. You can read about that here. Long story short, I've got too many projects started. Not enough hours in the day. So, I'm taking the month of May and focusing on getting these projects moving along and finished. It's all good stuff. Bodacious Blanket, Bandanna and Tote love, more fun stuff for our Bodacious Community, sprucing up our displays, etc.

Amid the lengthy list is the new dog mom blog site that we're going to be launching in time for Mother's Day. I already purchased the domain, did the tech stuff and we've got about a half dozen dog treat recipes too add. These recipes are ones we've created and want to share with you.

Meanwhile, we'll still be baking biscuits and spreading the biscuit love! And, we'll be updating you on our progress.

Even though the month of May is going to be crazy, and my desk is already decorated with a myriad of colorful Post-It notes, I'm looking forward to the great stuff that's going to transpire from all of it. SO much work! Long hours. Very little sleep. However, we've got this.

*raises coffee cup*

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