Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's The Last Day Of May And...

During the last week of April I posted about feeling extremely overwhelmed. You can read about that here. I knew the source. Too many unfinished projects. Too many "to do" lists. Too many thing that needed a bit of a revamp or adjustment. While outdoors with Lisa and the kids one gorgeous afternoon, I made the decision to focus on getting things done, caught up, organized, etc. I gave myself the entire month of May to do just that.
Hands down, on the last day of May, I feel accomplished. We got a lot done this month. The biscuit room was rearranged which allowed us to organize it better. Here is a quick read about the other stuff we accomplished as well.

I'm no longer feeling overwhelmed. 

After the last post to update you on our progress, we accomplished a few other things as well. Our new dog mom blog site will be launching in the next few days. I'm putting up the new 'Our Bodacious Dog Treat Recipes' tab and taking down the old. We'll be sharing the recipe for out peanut butter dog treats. I'll also be posting a lot more of our stuff on various social media streams. 

I've been slacking on that.

On the unfortunate side, I discovered the mini sewing machine that had been donated to us last year, isn't powerful enough to sew the Bodacious Blanket Love. It's great for smaller pieces like bandannas and fabric bags, but not the blankets. In the weeks ahead we'll have to purchase a full sized sewing machine. 

A small roadblock, but not for long. 

Tomorrow is June 1st and we're ready. I can't even begin to describe how it feels to have the "to do" lists tackled, all of our supplies organized, and unfinished projects completed.

The only project left is to keep it that way. 

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