Saturday, April 23, 2016

We'll Keep You Posted Every Step Of The Way

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! We spent quite a bit of time outside with the kids. They ran around the yard playing with their tennis balls and, once tired, stretched out in the sun. It felt good to be outdoors. I was like a little kid, though. I didn't want to go back inside when it was time. However, it was nearing dinner time. We had food prep to do for our dinner and the fur-kid's. And, I had to finish baking for a surprise birthday party that we attended earlier today.

While outside, and basking in the sun myself, I thought about the past couple of months. It's been crazy busy. I've been feeling overwhelmed. Despite being on the go 20 hours a day (yes, you read correctly) with biscuit baking, deliveries, work, and everything between, I feel as if I'm not accomplishing much. My desk is covered in Post-It notes. I have several "to do" lists. There's a few unfinished projects awaiting my attention in the biscuit room. The list goes on.

When I look at our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook Page, putting myself in the shoes of a visitor, it must look as if we're not doing much. Once again, I've been slacking on the photos.

I hate feeling this way.

There's this amazing thing that happens when you remove yourself from where you spend most of the day and night. For me, that's indoors. My desk. The kitchen. The biscuit room. Sitting outside for a half-hour with the fur-kids was all the therapy I needed. My head cleared. I inhaled. Exhaled.

The source of it all is realizing I have too many projects started. They're all unfinished. I've got a tote filled with squares to make our Bodacious Blanket and Bandanna Love. I have sketches of Bodacious Tote Bag Love on the shelf. The dog mom blog site has yet to be launched even though I'm working on it everyday. There are several pages of notes scribbled on my desk of ideas for Bodacious Biscuit Love. Fun stuff. Things that involve and engage our Bodacious Biscuit Love Community. I also have a list of potential establishments where I'd like to set up a display. And, over the past several weeks, I've created several recipes for our new dog treat recipe tab.

I'm doing stuff. Lots of it. Working on it everyday. Long hours. Little sleep. However, nothing is finished yet. Yes, the core reason why I'm feeling overwhelmed and under accomplished.

Now that I am fully aware of the source, I've been mapping out how to resolve that. Walking around complaining there are not enough hours in the day has proved useless. There are 24 hours in a day. There's nothing I can do to increase that. Giving up what little sleep I do get is not an option.

That's where I am now.

I'm rearranging my schedule a bit. I'm focusing on those unfinished projects. I'm tightening the reigns on my schedule over the weekend when I tend to be more lenient. Too lenient. Too much play and not enough work.

I'm getting there.

Meanwhile, we're still baking, packaging, delivering and spreading the biscuit love. This is one thing that has stayed consistent. Since October of 2013, we have baked biscuits and spread biscuit love every single week. No vacations. No sick time. We're very proud of that. We love what we do.

For the next few weeks, please extend a little patience. Our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page might be a little slow. So far, we haven't booked any events. Although most of that is due to us not wanting to pay vendor fees, a tiny portion has to do with staying focused on tackling the unfinished stuff. Participating in events takes up a lot of time and often involves 3 days of prep time.

The goal is to have my lists and notes scratched off by the end of May. The unfinished be be finished. New blog site launched. Lots of homemade dog treat recipes that are our own creation to share with you. Blankets made. Bandannas made. Totes made...or at the very least, a pattern that works. Lots of good stuff.

We've got this...and we'll keep you posted every step of the way.

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