Thursday, April 28, 2016

We Like To Share The Spotlight

The other day we received a message asking why we're posting so many adoptable dogs on our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page. Are we still making biscuits and spreading the biscuit love? The answer to the second half of that question is yes and yes. Every week, since October of 2013, we've baked biscuits and spread the biscuit love to shelter and rescue pups.

We're quite proud of that.

To answer the other question, for the past couple of years, the bulk of our Facebook page posts have been about us. We plastered our page with photos of our biscuits, boxes of biscuits, biscuits cooling in the biscuit room, etc. It was all about us, us, us. We also had the same profile picture and cover photo for almost a year.

Long story short, it got stale.

Last year during the holiday season, we featured quite a few holiday pups as our profile picture. Shortly after, we made the decision to continue this trend indefinitely. Starting in January, we wanted to give the profile picture spotlight to shelter dogs across Connecticut who are looking for their fur-ever home and pups from our Bodacious Community.

The shelter babies need all the exposure they can get. When people share the photos and Facebook updates, great things happen. These dogs get adopted out!

Most of the biscuit love we spread goes to the local shelters here in Connecticut. In addition to spreading the biscuit love, we wanted to help by giving these sweet babies the profile picture spotlight. That's exactly what we're doing.

We're still baking biscuits and spreading the biscuit love. We'll continue to do that because we love what we do.

And, we'll continue to open our Facebook page up to the shelter pups in need and to our Bodacious Community who want to show off their pups!

We like to share the spotlight.

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