Monday, April 11, 2016

Confession Time...

On the days I bake biscuits and my workload is through the roof, when the tummy rumbles, I grab a biscuit or two. Yes, I eat dog biscuits. Proudly. Today was no exception. I had a few deadlines and I'm trying to get the new blog site launched. On top of that, I was baking biscuits. No time to fix a snack or lunch. Three biscuits to the rescue with a fresh cup of coffee.

As I sit at my desk munching on dog biscuits, I can't help but think of all those times we were at events and I grabbed a biscuit to eat. People took a double look.

"Is she eating dog biscuitssssssssss?"

A few of those people have approached and asked me personally. With pride, I say, "Yes!" Then, I tell them our biscuits are made with only 4 ingredients. Usually I can convince the most skeptical to try a bite, however, some won't because they're dog biscuits.

It's a psychological thing, I guess...

Whatever the outcome, I always add that we wouldn't offer pups or our Bodacious community something we wouldn't eat ourselves. What we make, we eat too. Our fur-kids eat our biscuits for snack.

Baked with love and with lots of pride.

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