Friday, April 15, 2016

Are We Excited About This? Yes!

We launched this blog site 2 years ago and shortly after, we added a "dog treat recipes" page. If you select that tab, you can view a large selection of recipes we've added over the past couple of years. In the next week or so, the operative words being or so, that option is going to change. That tab will still be there (worded differently), but the recipes won't be ones we've found on Pinterest or floating around in the virtual world.

They're going to be our very own recipes.

In March, I posted something about this. You can read about that here. In addition to sharing the recipes of the biscuits we used to make, we're also creating more. The goal is to add a new recipe once a week. Again, these are our own creations and not ones copied from this person or that. All recipes will be accompanied with photos.

Best of all, we even have taste testers aside from our fur-kids and us.

Are we excited about this? Big. Huge. Yes.

We'll keep you updated on our progress!

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