Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Application For Taking Pup Photos?

We absolutely love seeing photos of the pups enjoying their biscuits. Whether it's photos from our Bodacious Community or of the pound pups, we adore and welcome all. And, we're almost always suggesting, "We'd love to see your pup/s enjoying our biscuits. Feel free to send us a photo for us to post and feature on our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page."

Most times, people send us photos, however, on occasion, their reply is, "I would, but I can't seem to get a good photo of my pup with their biscuit." These replies make me giggle because I have the same problem. Taking photos of our fur-kids is a challenge. Most times, we use biscuits to bribe them. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

When I saw this meme yesterday, I laughed out loud. One word...brilliant! Why didn't I think of this!?! You can bet I'm going to try this.

Do you have a creative means of getting your pup/s to pose for photos? We'd love it if you shared your secrets with us and our Bodacious Community!

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