Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lot's Of Easter Biscuit Love For The Pound Pups

We have been so busy baking Easter Biscuit Love! In order to get everything ready for deliveries and shipping this week, our baking ended on Sunday. We baked 3 days straight...a total of 24 hours. Yesterday the biscuits rested and today...THIS! The counters were covered with Easter Egg shaped biscuits and they got a douse of our swizzle and and festive sprinkles. Once dried, the biscuits were bagged, boxed and we stuffed Easter Baskets.

We shipped out a couple of boxes this afternoon and delivered some Easter Biscuit Love. Our lil' Lobo accompanied Lisa in his Easter bunny outfit.

By the time lil' Lobo arrived at the Ledyard Pound to deliver biscuits, he was done wearing his bunny outfit.

We've got more Easter Biscuit Love heading out tomorrow and Thursday. Friday we're taking a break and Saturday we're making our last Easter Biscuit Love delivery to the New London Animal Shelter!

It's been a great week so far!

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