Saturday, March 5, 2016

It's All About The Dog At K9 1-on-1 Companions for K9's

We met Keith about 4 years ago. There was something about him that caught our attention. He's a gentle man with a sense of humor and humble in nature. What stood out the most is his love and adoration for dogs. Shortly after meeting him, Lisa and I both agreed he has a gift very few have. We deemed him the unofficial dog whisperer. If you ever get the opportunity to meet and observe Keith for any length of time, you'd know exactly what I'm talking about. Keith has given hope and rehabilitated many dogs who most have given up on.

Keith is currently the owner of K9 1-on-1 Companions for K9's. This business adventure began a couple of years ago and continues to go strong. His business and community is growing. Keith's motto is, "It's all about the dogs" and this attitude radiates with each aspect of his business. K9 1-on-1 Companions for K9's offers services that includes vacation management, behavioral issues, walks, socialization, grooming services, and much more.

One of the many things we admire about Keith is that he puts the dogs first. He doesn't turn away dogs because of their owner's financial status or ability to pay up front. In fact, Keith offers a first-time, 50% off grooming services to pet parents of adopted dogs. And, if there are any behavioral or social issues, he'll assist with that as well. His kind heart and generous nature has helped many pet parents who felt as if they had no one to turn to.

Please take a minute to visit Keith's K9 1-on-1 Companions for K9's Facebook page. The many videos and photos will give you an idea of just how incredible this man is. We are honored to know him and grateful our paths crossed 4 years ago.

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