Friday, February 26, 2016

Don't Bury The Headline

One of the best pieces of advice I've received in my writing career is, "Don't bury the headline or title." For the most part, I adhere to this. At times, well, I'm human. A work in progress. Only time will fine tune my writing skills. And, for as long as I'm able to put words together to make a sentence and paragraphs and, hopefully, something worthy of reading, my brain will soak up valuable bits of advice from seasoned writers far wiser than I.

And what does any of this have to do with biscuit love?

At some point, in April, this Bodacious Biscuit Love blog will be 2 years old. A lot of bloggers refer to this as a "Bloggerversary." Over the past 2 years we've blogged about what we're doing, our biscuits, Bodacious fundraisers, DIY dog-themed stuff, homemade dog treat recipes, etc.

Scattered throughout theses posts are other posts that really have nothing to do with our Bodacious Biscuit Love mission. This is the bigger picture. In a sense, these posts are burying the title (of our blog) and diluting our purpose for this blog site.

Although spreading biscuit love is a big part of our life, it's not what we do 100% of the time. We're more than just "the biscuit ladies." All that "more" is just sitting there. Waiting to be photographed, written about, and shared.

Bodacious Biscuit Love has integrated into our daily life and routine. However, if you were to pull out anything and everything involving Bodacious Biscuit Love, there would still be quite a bit remaining. Enough to write about because, in the very beginning, it's what inspired our Bodacious Biscuit Love mission. From that point on, it has snowballed into what our life is now.

At the very top of the list, in bold print, is we're dog Moms. Proud dog Moms of 3 rescue fur-kids. Despite the critics out there who feel the term "Mom" should only be applied to women who have "human" kids, we're not letting that get in our way. We're real Moms.

That was our inspiration. Right there. It was that cut and dry.

Thousands of Moms-to-human-kids are "mommy bloggers." They chronicle their daily lives. There are a few I have been reading for several years. My preference are the "mommy bloggers" who keep it real and very seldom edit their virtual tongue.

All of this brings us to right now. We're not letting the cat out of the bag just yet, but what I will tell you is that we're going to be launching another blog site. Yes, we'll have 2. This upcoming blog site is going to be the dumping grounds for everything that buries our Bodacious Biscuit Love title. It's going to focus on life as dog Moms. Our life.

We are bursting at the seams. 

We've been working on this since early summer. In addition to working on a new blog site, we've been slowly improving this one. More focus. More information. More good stuff about what we're doing. We've cleared the stage for our Bodacious Community and beyond. Are we there just yet? Nope. Will we get to that point? Yep. We're working hard to make this a rockin' blog site.

Stay tuned...

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