Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Shout Out To The Sugar Cookie Queen

On Valentine's Day our next door neighbors, who over the years has become part of our family, delivered some homemade "pup and hooman" friendly cookies. In the bag were big hearts, little hearts and lips. Lisa sat on the chair and let our fur-kids sniff the cookies. They were excited! They love and adore their Auntie Char and Uncle Bob. Getting cookies from them was a special treat.

Coco sniffed one of the large heart-shaped cookies. Seconds later, he gently took the cookie out of Lisa's hand, went to the other side of the living room and ate the entire cookie. Lisa and I sat and watched with our mouths hanging to the floor. Coco is an exceptionally picky eater. He's never done this with any treat. Ever.

Our other two fur-kids, Sophie and Lobo, were jumping up and down and doing circles in anticipation for their cookie. They each took a small heart, ran to their pet pillows and ate their cookies.

Although our three fur-kids love our biscuits, and snack on them every day, they've never been this excited to get a cookie. Lisa and I were speechless. And, this is why, their Auntie Char deserves a shout out. We've officially deemed her the sugar cookie queen!

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