Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Few Changes With The Upcoming 2016 Event Season

One of the many things we enjoy about Bodacious Biscuit Love are the events we participate in. Over the past couple of years, we've attended quite a few. Last year, the invitations to participate in events poured in. This year, so far, has been no exception. Our first invitation to trickle in was last month. A few more have followed. We are honored with each and every invitation. Not only do we get to be a part of some extraordinary events to raise money for the animals in need, it's a chance for us to get the word out about what we do and our mission.

Needless to say, we are super excited about the upcoming 2016 season. We have plans to update our display and offer a few more items than we have in the previous years such as Bodacious Blanket, Tote and Bandanna Love. We've been working on that for the past couple of months. It's been a slow process, but we're getting there.

As with most things in life, as the saying goes, you live, you learn. That holds true with each event season. Where this is our 3rd event season, we've gotten a grasp on what works, what doesn't, what we can do and what we can't. While the restrictions on all of the above aren't lengthy, there are a few changes we need to make for the upcoming 2016 season.

1. Distance. We'd like to keep travel distance under an hour. In previous years, we've traveled almost 2 hours one way to participate in an event. That's almost 4 hours round trip. Add in the amount of time for setup, take down and the hours of the event, it makes for a long day. Anything totaling over 5 hours, one of us has to stay home. We have 3 fur-kids...none of which are able to attend events. We've tried.

2. Event Fees. We're heading into 3 years of spreading the Bodacious Biscuit Love and we're still running out of pocket. And, that's fine. We love what we do and running out of pocket will probably be the case indefinitely. Again, that's okay. However, because of that, we're not able to fork over a large fee to participate in an event. In place of a fee, we're more than happy to contribute a Bodacious Raffle Basket and donate biscuits to the event host (local shelter or rescue).

3. The Type of Events. We participate in events that benefit our local animal shelters, rescue groups (at our discretion) and other animal welfare organizations (once again, at our discretion). That's it. That's our mission and we're sticking to it.

4. We're Not A Business. Every bag purchased helps us pay it forward to our local shelter pups in need. Whether it's delivering and shipping biscuit love to our local Connecticut animal shelters or raising money to purchase much needed items for a shelter, that's what every penny is used for. We're not a business. We don't pocket the money made. It all goes to our local shelter pups in one way or another.

There it is. That's it. Simple. We are looking forward to the 2016 event season, getting the word out there and expanding our Bodacious Community.

Don't forget to check out where we'll be in the months ahead!

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