Saturday, February 13, 2016

6 Reasons Why We'll Never Become A Full Time Business

I have lost count how many times people have said, "You should turn this into a full-time business." Or, they've asked why we haven't converted Bodacious Biscuit Love into a business. In the beginning, when we were experimenting with dough, the thought did cross or minds. However, after our efforts trying to find locally made treats our Coco would eat, stepping into the world of rescue and animal welfare and getting to know our local Connecticut Animal Control officers and those who foster and rescue, the decision was made to do what we're doing now. Spreading the biscuit love to shelter and rescue pups and using our biscuits to raise money for shelter supplies and to assist with medical expenses.

Since that moment, we haven't budged. And we won't. We have our reasons...

1. Losing sight of our focus and mission. I don't want to be distracted with everything involved in having a business. This includes our livelihood depending on biscuit income. When you start a business, it's common knowledge there will be very little profit, if any, within the first year. Consider yourself lucky if you break even. Having a business would entail shifting focus towards making enough profit to live on. Making a profit would come first. Our current mission would take second place.

2. Getting too busy. In order to make a decent profit, enough to live on, we'd need to get a large customer base. We bake our biscuits at home. A regular kitchen and stove. It's a lengthy process from start to finish. There is no mass production. We'd literally be baking 24/7 to meet customer demands. Baking for the shelter pups and fundraising events would have to, once again, take second place. That's if there was time left over. In addition, there would be no time to participate in events, visit shelter pups and raise money to purchase much needed items for our local animal shelters.

3. The competition is insane. The pet market is booming! In the biscuit world, there is a lot of competition. Our biscuits are simple. Four ingredients. Simple packaging to keep our costs down. That would all have to change if we were to enter the business world of dog biscuits. In this world, for the most part, biscuits need to be appealing to the "hoomans" as well. Eye candy. We're not interested in that. We embrace simplicity. So far, the pups we've spread biscuit love to have embraced that as well.

4. It wouldn't be fun. We have fun baking biscuits, providing biscuits love to our Bodacious Community and spreading biscuit love to our local Connecticut shelters. When we have fundraisers or prepare for an event, it gets busy and we're exhausted at the end of the day, but it's still fun. We enjoy doing this. I can't even begin to explain the amount of fun we have visiting the shelter pups and handing out biscuits. Those wagging tails and juicy kisses make it all worth it. We never want to lose that.

5. Shelter and rescue pups deserve fresh made biscuits too. As the saying goes, people who dedicate their life to foster and rescue "have big hearts and empty wallets." Animal shelters work off a strict, and sometimes almost non-existent, budget. There's no extra money for fresh, homemade treats. Have you visited a gourmet doggy bakery as of late? The ones we've been to have charged up to $3.00 for a single, gourmet biscuit. That excludes a lot of pups. We don't like that.

6. Every bag purchased helps a shelter pup in need. The little money we do make from people donating $5 for a bag of biscuits, we use every penny to purchase ingredients, supplies and to help cover shipping costs so we can spread the biscuit love. We're still running out of pocket and we probably will be indefinitely. We donate biscuits to our local Connecticut animal shelters and Bodacious Raffle Baskets for fundraising events. We hand out bags o' biscuits to people who rescue and foster and have adopted who aren't able to make a donation. No pup should go without. Ever.

This is what we do. And we're going to keep doing it. Our focus and mission is to spread as much biscuit love as we can to the pups in need. We will never become a business. In fact, the thought doesn't even cross our minds.

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