Saturday, January 2, 2016

Time Well Spent At the Bethlehem Pound

On December 30th we launched a "Biscuits For Bernice" fundraiser. This sweet girl was dumped in the town of Bethlehem mid November and is currently residing at the Bethlehem pound under the care of Animal Control Officer Judy. Bernice is an older girl and was recently diagnosed with Cushings Disease. She'll require daily medications totaling about $70 a month.

Bethlehem is one of our favorite locations. It's one we aren't able to visit often. It's almost 2 hours away. The Bethlehem pound is one we typically ship biscuits to for that reason. However, today, we took the trip to Bethlehem to spread biscuit love to the pound pups, visit with the wonderful "hoomans" and meet sweet baby Bernice.

Bernice is an absolute love! We took her for a little walk and Lisa sat on the ground to feed her biscuits. She would've eaten the entire bag had we let her. Bernice was happy to have company and enjoyed the extra attention.

It was an incredible afternoon all the way around. After spreading biscuit love to the pound pups and visiting with Bernice we headed indoors for lunch and... spend a little time with Piper. Every time she heard the biscuit bag crinkle, her ears perked up and we had her attention. She. Is. Incredible.

Time. Well. Spent.

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