Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our Hearts Are Heavy Today

Last week we launched a 'Biscuits For Bernice' fundraiser. Our goal was to raise enough money to pay for a months worth of medications for this old girl, who was recently diagnosed with Cushing's disease. We also wanted to purchase some winter essentials for Bernice. A couple of thick plush blankets. A new coat. Sweaters.

On Saturday, we loaded our vehicle with biscuit love and made the journey to the Bethlehem pound to meet Bernice. We took her for a walk and spent a little time with her. And...we spoiled her with biscuit love.

She would have eaten the entire bag had we let her.

Today, our hearts are heavy and lots of tears have fallen. She was rushed to the hospital last night. Sadly, Bernice passed away this afternoon, despite all efforts, due to medical issues.

It was an absolute honor to meet Bernice and we are beyond thankful that we had been given the opportunity to do so. This sweet ol' girl was full of life and spunk and curiosity.

What we are most grateful for is that Bernice was under the care of an incredible Animal Control Officer, Judy Umstead. Bernice was loved, spoiled, taken care of and her every need met. She knew love and comfort and warmth. Thank you, Judy, for all you do for the animals in need and going above and beyond.

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