Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Rescue Dog

All 3 of our fur-kids are rescue pups. They each, at their own pace, had to adjust. It took weeks. Months. It's a process requiring lots of patience and love. The majority of shelter pups are there because of neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Often times, they are rescued from nightmares. At the shelter, they have to adjust. And, once adopted, they have to adjust to that transition as well. It takes time. Some longer than others.

When we saw this, it caught our attention. There is truth in every word...

A Rescue Dog

Now I have arrived at your home, 
everything is strange, and I don't feel good.

Do not feel impatient
If I don't sleep in my new basket.
Yesterday, I slept on a stone floor.

Do not be terrified if I gobble up my food.
Yesterday, I had to do it to survive.

Do not get angry if I pee on your floor.
Yesterday, it did not matter.

Do not be sad if I am afraid of your loving hand.
Yesterday, I did not have one.

Have patience with me, it's your world, 
but not mine yet.

If I trust you, I can give you the greatest
Gift I have to give...
My heart.

Please never forget, I was a pound dog.
All I need is a bit of time to adjust.

~Author Unknown~

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