Friday, December 25, 2015

Not Your Average Merry Christmas Or Happy Holiday Greeting

Originally, I was going post a festive, and somewhat generic, Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday post earlier today. After a hectic few weeks, Lisa and I decided to unplug for a couple of days while celebrating Christmas. At home. With our fur-kids. However, it's late evening. Lisa and the fur-kids are sleeping soundly. I'm up. Fresh cup of coffee poured. Relaxed. On the sofa.

I would like to include "snuggled in the warmth of several throw blankets" however, with record high temperatures yesterday and today, I'm sweltering in the knee length skirt and turtleneck that I'm currently wearing. No blankets needed.

This week, I had a moment. Typically, throughout the week, Lisa handles the biscuit love deliveries to the local pounds. Mid-afternoon, when she makes deliveries, I'm in the middle of baking or shackled to the home office tackling work or on a meeting. Leaving the house during this time is not an option. Most times.

However, this week, on Tuesday, I was able to accompany Lisa. We delivered holiday biscuit love to the Griswold pound. I made it happen. Despite exhaustion and looking rather frumpy, not to mention spending the entire afternoon dipping Christmas cookie balls in chocolate, I went. I wanted to. I needed to.

During our visit, we visited with the pups residing at the pound, fed them holidays biscuits and got to meet an extraordinary woman, her daughter, and Rosie...a rescue pup they adopted from the Humane Society.

At one point, I was feeding one of the pound pups a holiday biscuit. She was excited. Tail wagging. Gobbling biscuits. Anxiously awaiting for another. After munching a Christmas tree biscuit, she licked my hand. Not just once. Or twice. But over and over. My hand was covered in biscuit crumb slobber.

And, I loved it.

I petted this sweet pup and whispered, "Merry Christmas, baby girl." She licked my hand again. I fed her another biscuit.

And, I got choked up. There was a lump in my throat. My eyes swelled with tears. My moment. 

At this point, I thought, "This is why we do what we do and will continue to do what we do." But, on Tuesday when I had my moment, it went beyond that for me. About 2 months ago I received a job offer. I wasn't looking. In May of 2014, I cut my work load in half so we could continue with Bodacious Biscuit Love and expand our family.

This job offer was nothing short of everything I've worked for in the past almost-decade. I had the experience, exceptional references, and it was a guarantee I would be chosen to fill the position. I remember sitting at my desk. Sitting back in my chair. Inhaling slowly. Exhaling even slower. I took a sip of coffee. Ventured outside. Stood on the front porch for a bit inhaling the overnight-hour air. Returned to my office. And...

Declined the offer.

While the position was everything I could have ever wanted, with a salary to match I'm sure, it would not have been compatible with Bodacious Biscuit Love. In fact, life as I know it, would alter almost entirely. Including our family life.

This position would have required an obnoxious amount of hours. I would have been putting in close to, if not over, 100 hours a week. Been there. Done that. In addition, my availability would have to be "at the drop of a dime" regardless of the time or day. And, I would have to travel frequently. This would put a damper on Bodacious Biscuit Love, events, fundraisers, and family life.

None of which we are willing to sacrifice. 

While I was confident of our decision then, Tuesday afternoon I was reminded why. Delivering holiday biscuit love to the pound pups who haven't found their fur-ever home just yet. Slobbery kisses. Grateful pups. Incredible families who have adopted rescue pups. The greater good.

With all the wonderful things we have lined up for 2016, and our goal to ship and deliver biscuit love to all of the local shelters here in Connecticut, our path, plan and focus will remain as it has. While that means hanging on to our 20+ year sofa for a little longer and saving our pennies for a king-sized bed to accommodate our expanded family, so be it.

With a little over an hour left of Christmas day, I sit here content. At peace. Anxiously awaiting the new year. Excited for the months ahead. Visiting more shelters. Shipping to more local shelters here in Connecticut. Embracing our crazy family life.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holiday. From our home to yours. To all of the pups and "hoomans." Many hugs and much love.


  1. *Hugs* Loved the story. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

    1. Happy New Year! Thank you so much for the kind words.