Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Special Visit With The Griswold Pound Pups

Yesterday afternoon we spread holiday biscuit love to the sweet pups at the Griswold, Connecticut pound. The 3 pups residing there, Caroline, Lady & Anya, gobbled their biscuits with gusto. I will admit, I was exhausted and frumpy. I had spent the day making "hooman" Christmas goodies while Lisa was at work. Two of the goodies involved dipping Christmas cookie balls in chocolate and carefully placing decorative sprinkles on top.

After dipping about a dozen or so, I cracked open a bottle of wine. This is WHY I don't work with chocolate or make candy. 

To back up a bit, during the Christmas season, I (long-haired geeky gal) start baking for the "hoomans" about a week before Christmas. We fill platters and baskets to the brim with gourmet cookies and other sweet treats. Throughout the week, we distribute the platters and baskets to the "hoomans" we know. When all is said and done, and baked, there are usually 20 or so recipients.

This year, we decided to focus entirely on holiday biscuit love. We baked biscuits through most of Saturday. On Sunday the biscuits rested. This allows them to fully harden. I caught up on work stuff...about 8 hours worth with some of that time used to get ahead. Monday we packaged, stuffed boxes, filled Christmas stockings, and shipped. We made the first of our personal deliveries. I made Christmas cookies and rolled the cookie balls.

Yesterday we visited the pups at the Griswold pound. This was after an afternoon spent dipping Christmas cookie balls in chocolate.

While at the pound, and feeding the 3 sweet pups some holiday biscuits, I had a moment. My hands and face were being slobbered with juicy, grateful kisses. I was softly wishing the pups a Merry Christmas.

And I thought...

I totally slacked on the Christmas goodies for the "hoomans." Instead of 20-or-so platters and baskets, there would only be 4. This is why. Right here, right now, this is why. 

It was then I decided this would be a continuing trend. Next year, and the years to follow, we're going to bake holiday biscuit love until the absolute last minute. The day or two I have between that last minute and Chrsitmas, I'll whip up a few Christmas treats for the "hoomans." That's it. We have a tiny handful of friends who have become family. They will receive sweet treats. And, I always make extra for this "hooman" or that or when the need arises.

That's it.

At times, we have moments that let us know we're on the right path and our efforts towards the greater good are far more valuable and appreciated than baking 527 dozen gourmet "hooman" Christmas cookies. I will admit, I felt guilty for not baking what I usually do for the "hoomans." However, after yesterday, and all the juicy kisses, including ones from Rosie (in photo...the pup from yesterday's post), the guilt faded entirely.

And. I. Just. Knew.

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