Monday, November 2, 2015

'Tis The Season For Bodacious Turkeys

Last year, we were unable to find a turkey cookie cutter that would have been ideal for our biscuits. We spotted a few, but the cutters were either too big or two small. Or, it was one of those cutters where it presses a design into the dough. Nope. We've tried those and it was an epic fail. So, we were turkeyless last year.

In October, we received a package in the mail with some goodies. Amid the treats was THIS! Metal turkey cookie cutter. The perfect size. This could work! Today we're going to test it out, but there is no doubt in my bodacious brain this is THE ONE!

Thank you Kimlyn and John! Looks like we're going to have Bodacious Turkeys this year!

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