Monday, November 23, 2015

10 Bodacious Things That Will Be Happening In 2016

Thanksgiving is only a few days away. Once Friday hits, we're putting away our Bodacious Turkey and Autumn biscuit cutters. You know what that means. Our dozen or so holiday biscuit cutters will make their way out of our plastic storage container and into the drawer. Soon, we'll be stocking our displays with holiday shaped biscuits and it'll be time to grab bags o' biscuits to treat your pups or give as gifts. The holiday rush. We're ready for it.

With a little over a month left in 2015, we've been making lists, throwing new ideas on the table, discussing how we can improve the existing, and we even managed to organize and switch a few things around in the biscuit room to make room for sewing supplies for our Bodacious Blanket, Tote and Bandanna Love.

It took over 3 hours, but we managed to free up 3 shelves! Score!

So...what's to come in 2016? While this isn't the complete list, and everything isn't etched in granite and details haven't been ironed out, we've got a pretty good idea of what y'all can expect. Or, not expect.

1. New cards. We are so far behind on tackling our to-do list. One of the items on the list...getting new Bodacious Biscuit Love cards. I think we're down to 7 cards now. Yikes! Sweet baby Angel will be the featured pup on our new cards. We've decided that each time we order a batch of cards, we'll feature a new pup.

2. Updated cover and profile photos. If you check out our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page, you are familiar with our cover and profile photo. It's been the same for about a year now. While we adore both of the photos, we've agreed that updating these once a month would freshen up the page. ramp up the community engagement, we're going to feature pups from our Bodacious Community and shelter pups. Cool idea, huh?

3. Bodacious Blanket, Tote and Bandanna Love. We've got a ton of squares cut and our shelves are somewhat filled with fabric. Once the holiday rush is over and we exhale, it's time to hunker down for the winter season. We don't ski or snowmobile. In fact, we're pretty dormant during the winter. It's not exactly our favorite season. What better way to cure cabin fever and keep busy than to sew as many blankets, totes and bandannas as we can. Vrooooom! Vroooooom!

4. Revamping our event displays. If you've ever visited our table at an event, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say our display is kind of generic. We have a banner, framed mission statement and our table is filled with baskets loaded with bags o' biscuits. We're going on year 3 now and it's time to spruce things up. We have a few things in mind. Maybe a new banner. A photo collage. Adding various levels to our table display. The possibilities are somewhat endless.

5. Keeping it simple. We've had a few requests for flavors we offered in the past. However, our plain peanut butter biscuits hold up through every season. With the cost of having each additional flavor of biscuit sent out for analysis, getting the label for that flavor licensed through the Connecticut Department of Agriculture and paying the $80 fee per year for each flavor, we simply can't justify spending that amount for a biscuit we can only offer a few months out of the year.

6. Holiday ornaments. Okay, by holiday I'm referring to Christmas. Every year we purchase a pet themed ornament for each of our fur-kids. This year, we noticed the selection wasn't that great. Our brains spun like a hamster wheel. Would it be possible for us to schedule in time to create dog themed ornaments for next year's holiday season? Hmmmmmm....

7. And what about other crafty stuff. Another thing we noticed, while out and about shopping for dog-themed decor, is that everything is singular. For example, we spotted rustic dog-themed plaques. Much to our disappointment, the sayings on the plaque referred to one dog. One dog mom. We're a household of 3 fur-kids and 2 dog moms. Where's the stuff for us? What if we could offer something that would widen that narrow margin of what's already out there? Hey, I told you...our brains work overtime on stuff like this.

8. We'll be expanding and updating our blog. For me (long-haired geeky gal), the one who authors this blog, this has been a struggle. There is so much I want to include. However, it's too much. If I were to include everything, it would dilute what this blog was intended for...our Bodacious Biscuit Love mission, our Bodacious Community, DIY pet themed-stuff, dog biscuit recipes, events, fundraisers and photos of what we're doing. With that being said, I've been working on a project since early summer. I don't want to give too much away, however, I will tell's another blog site. Yes, we're going to have two. But, that's all I'm telling you. For now.

9. Updating a few existing...oh, what's the word? I want to say policies, but we're not a business and that seems too formal and stuffy. So, let's just say we're going to revise a few things we've always done a certain way. Don't panic. It's nothing earth shattering. Like with most things in life, and as the saying goes, "You live. You learn." A few things happened and it was obvious we needed to adjust a few things to ensure it doesn't happen again. This would include the reason behind our post back in May titled 'Dear Hoomans Who Have Have Stiffed Us Or Are Considering It.' Or why we'll be updating our Bodacious Raffle Basket policy (oops, there's that word). Again.

10. More photos. I'll be the first to admit, I've slacked with the camera. Big time. Photos speak a thousand words and one of the big means of keeping our Bodacious Community connected. It's also how we share what we're doing. That's important. Very important. And, with the new project (a second blog) underway, I'll have my camera glued to my side. It will no longer be an option. It's going to be a requirement.

Although it's going to be hectic, non-stop and busier than we've ever been, we are SO looking forward to 2016.

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