Sunday, October 4, 2015

Two Hoomans Guessed The Exact Amount!

For the first time in Bodacious Biscuit Love history, TWO people guessed the exact amount of biscuits! Congratulations to Jessica Mary and Andrea Carpenter- Trout! There were 132 biscuits, all different shapes and sizes, in our 1 gallon Bodacious Treat Jar.

Both Jessica and Andrea get to choose their favorite local Connecticut foster parent, rescue or shelter to spread some biscuit love to! Andrea chose the Ledyard Pound. We'll be delivering their biscuit love on Wednesday while we're out and about spreading biscuit love and restocking our displays. Jessica chose CT Animal House. We'll be shipping those out soon!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our lil' contest. We have so much fun doing these and we have plans to do another one in the weeks ahead.

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